Sunday 14 December 2008

Z plans to make a porcino of herself

I'd set the alarm for 6.45, but I woke just before 3 o'clock. A wakeful hour later, I gave up and switched a little torch on and read for another hour. After that I dozed on and off until 6.30, when I woke, realised I was going to go to sleep properly at last and was deep in a dream when the alarm went.

The weather was quite mild but drizzly. I put on a coat and hat and cycled down to the church. As I was setting up all the stuff, I realised I'd left the flowers at home. The minister had arrived so I left him in charge while I went home, and then arranged flowers in two vases to go on the windowsill.

After the service, I cycled damply into town for the Sunday paper. I went home, put my hat and gloves to dry on the Aga and made porridge and tea for breakfast, adding a second bowl with yoghurt in because why just have one dull thing to eat when you can have two and feel really healthy?

Half an hour later, I packed my clarinet into a pannier and fetched my coat. I put on my hat and chortled loudly with pleasure at its warmth. As I cycled down the drive, I planned with silent glee to put the hat on a radiator at the church to relive that pleasure in a couple of hours time.

And now I'm home again. I've put some dried mushrooms to soak and am wondering what to do with them. Risotto or soup? I have a small problem in that the Sage doesn't care for mushrooms, so whatever I do, I'll have to do something else for him. And it'll have to be at least as much trouble as the mushroom dish, so that he doesn't feel disappointed. It would be awful if Ro and I were happily chomping on something lovely while he's eating less interesting food.


Dave said...

Just back from a nice long walk. It's mild enough here not to need a hat. I'm not a great fan of mushrooms, either.

Z said...

I try to avoid things that people might not like or be allergic to, and mushrooms would come into that category. Sometimes one doesn't want to sound fussy or perhaps make assumptions about what to expect "I'm afraid I've never been able to eat oysters since Monte Carlo, though funnily enough I can still face a truffle" but it's simplest to say, especially when one is the guest of honour.

I've just come into the room with a cup of tea and a couple of cookery books, ready to browse and plan.

Tim Atkinson said...

Well, personally I love 'em. Glad you've had some warmth today (especially in view of the last post. Last Post? You know what I mean!)

Tim Atkinson said...

PS: You are now officially blog-rolled! (But don't worry, it isn't serious.)

Z said...

I've decided on risotto. And goat cheese and onion tart with potato cakes for the Sage.

Ooh, blogrolled! *looking anxiously at my waistline and wondering how you know*. Thanks ever so.

SuperP. said...

You are Wonderful to make two dinners with equal love and care!

I often have to do that for either Oee or Dave and I except for the time, I don't mind, either.

You're lovely. I love you.

Anonymous said...

M loathes mushrooms - I love them. He even finds the smell disgusting so I rarely cook them for myself.

Actually, we seldom eat the same food as we have such opposite gastronomic tastes. Bumping into each other in the kitchen, as we each prepare our own meals, is quite common. Remember Jack Sprat would eat no fat his wife would eat no lean? That's us - total opposites, except he eats fat and these days I don't. Weight watchers says no. :(


Z said...

Aw, shucks, Penny. Thanks. I bet that you take more care over their likes and dislikes than you do of your own.

None of us is fussy about food, but the Sage is more careful than the rest of us and does have some dislikes. I blame it on boarding school. He's got a lot better over the years, but it's taken all 35, and left to himself, he'd still have a steak and a baked potato.

Wendy, I think Martin and the Sage have a lot in common, foodwise, and so do you and I.

luckyzmom said...

This post has warmed my heart as your hat warmed you.

My husband doesn't like mushrooms either. Unlike your generous heart, I resent having to leave them out of things or having to add my own separately when I cook. But, then, on the other hand I enjoy it when we are eating out and he adds the mushrooms he has picked out of his food to my plate, as well as an array of other good things he won't eat.