Tuesday 9 December 2008

Z is Resurfaced

I went through to Al's house at 8 o'clock this morning carrying a tray with a bowl of porridge, a mug of Rose Pouchong (we call it Rose PooPong of course) tea, my contact lens, my make-up bag, a comb, a mirror and the papers. The children were awfully pleased. The Putting On of Granny's Face is an important ritual.

They waited while I ate breakfast. Then, Pugsley unzipped the bag and started to lay out the makings of the Face.

First, I put in my Seeing Eye. Then I asked for the eye cream. Pugsley passed to Squiffany, who passed to me, a small tube and they watched as I applied the cream. Then the moisturiser. They marvelled to see wrinkles melt away. Next came foundation, then powder and the brush it's lightly applied with. Next came eyeshadows, in two colours, applied with a sponge and blended with another brush. The first brush wafts under the eyes to deal with stray specks of eyeshadow. Blusher is put on if I remember. Then mascara. Lipstick. Hair is combed. As each item is finished with, Squiffany hands it back to Pugsley to put in the bag.

Young and lovely again, I read until the time comes to take Squiffany to nursery school.

Christingle this evening at the church. Squiffany sat next to me and was angelic; Pugsley, next to his mother, was excited and noisy but this was not noticeable over the sound of the Brownies and the Beavers (I think they're called Beavers; they're what Cub Scouts used to be, I believe. Their leader is Akela at any rate). Squiffany held her orange with the lit candle at the end, her face lit up, enthralled. After she blew out the candle, I said she could eat her sweets and raisins if she liked. She slowly and carefully took them off three of the sticks and ate them. "I'll save the rest until I get home" she decided. "All for you" I said, "Pugsley's eaten his."

Pugsley had done well today in any case. The nice lady at the shop in Ditchingham gave him a (wrapped) chocolate, having asked me if it was okay. He was very pleased.


Dave said...

Beavers are pre-cub age.

Dandelion said...

It's an unfortunate choice of name, any way you look at it.

Anonymous said...

Beavers are 6 -8, before Cubs, like Rainbows for Brownies for girls.

If you see what I mean...

Blimey. That's a lot of make-up!

Z said...

Having gone bewildered through Brownies as a child and not enjoyed it at all, I didn't enrol any of my children though I would have if they'd asked.

Until I was 38, I only wore makeup if I had a reason to. Then I looked in the mirror one afternoon and realised I had a reason to all the time.

It's done wonders for my dry skin though, as it protects it.