Wednesday 24 December 2008

Z is Even Calmer, now that she's Postponed Christmas

I've just been talking to Weeza on the phone. Phil has come down with a bad cold that may be 'flu. He went in to work for the morning and should be home soon - he felt able to make the 4+ mile bike ride, which he probably wouldn't be up to if it is 'flu, so let's hope for the best.

He's going to spend the rest of the day in bed and see how it goes. If he's not feeling up to much, he won't come over with Weeza and Zerlina tomorrow - also, he doesn't want to pass on nasty germs to us.

So, I pondered briefly. It was just going to be the six of us, the Sage, me, Ro, Weeza, Phil and Zerlina. However, on Friday, Wink is due to arrive and on Saturday Al, Dilly, Squiffany and Pugsley are coming for lunch.

"How would it be if we postponed Christmas dinner until Saturday?" I suggested. "Hopefully, Phil will be better by then and we could all be together. I've got all sorts of things, which I was planning to do for a relaxed Saturday meal, like pâté, smoked salmon, cheeses, salads and things, and we could have them for lunch tomorrow instead."

Weeza thought it was a fine idea. They will have to leave by 2.15 as they're going to a party, and a friend of hers may be coming over, but she can come here (we've known her forever and she won't feel out of place with us all) and our 12lb rib of beef will stretch for us all. I think it'll be 9 adults and 3 children, one a baby, if Susie comes, and the table seats 12 and I have polished all the cutlery already. It'll be just as easy to feed 12 as 6. It isn't like having turkey again, they won't have had beef so it will still be special. We can be really relaxed all day here tomorrow, and chilling, opening presents, relaxing and having fun can be the focus of the day rather than the big meal. On Saturday, I'll aim to serve up at about 12.30 so we don't rush the meal.

Oh, and I don't think I've mentioned that Al has decided to shut the shop for 4 whole days. This has never happened before, and he wishes Christmas could be on Thursday every year. He doesn't think he'd be selling much on Saturday and he's warned all his customers so they won't come in and be frustrated.

The tree is up. I'll get out the decorations and leave it for Ro to decorate.


Unknown said...

Merry Christmas, I think! xx

Tim Atkinson said...

Of course, you could have Christmas on any of the twelve days, starting tomorrow. Or on all of them!

Z said...

'All of them' gets my vote. Except Boxing Day. On Boxing Day, I play with my new toys.

Merry Christmas. 'Course, I'll be back tomorrow to say it properly.

Anonymous said...

Ah. I fear my spell may have over-reached itself. Must have been residual from the reincarnated reindeer.

Sorry, but at least you get longer festivities. Have fun :)

Z said...

No problem at all, BW. I'm looking forward to it. Actually, tonight will be so busy that it'll be rather good not to have to cook tomorrow.

I think it was a roe deer, rather than a reindeer. We don't see too many of those around here. Plenty of muntjacs though.

luckyzmom said...

Have yourself a merry little Christmas.

Eddie 2-Sox said...

You were extremely late wiuth your tree. But I guess it's a religion thing?

In our happily un-religious flat we stuck the tree up and decorated it gaudily on the second.

It's nice to note different strokes for different folks. Sam was delighted to deck our tree.

(and I was rather sad...and a little angry....that Sam's mum was not putting up a tree at all)

Our tree is now nicely surrounded with presents. And when Sam heard, tonight, that he didn't have to go to church on Christmas Eve, he spontaneously danced around, singing "Don't go to service, don't go to service....."

I don't push anti-religion on Sam. His mum pushes religion on him. He'll make his mind up for himself eventually.

Merry Christmas!

Z said...

Oh no, just a disorganised thing. We've never put it up early as when the children were young I liked to build up the anticipation gradually, so we'd spend the first couple of weeks in December making decorations and cards and things, and put up the tree a week or ten days before the day. I think if it went up very early I'd be fed up with it by Christmas.

I never pushed religion onto my family. And I wouldn't describe myself as a religious person, which is probably a bit surprising to readers of this blog, though I am a Christian, obviously.