Saturday 27 December 2008

Oh yes, they are

Still on the Lord of the Rings, we played LOTR Trivial Pursuit this evening. Ro's had it for several years - he and his housemates got it when they were at university and he was the one who ended up with it. One really has to be quite au fait with the films, and most of us aren't. Most amusing.

There were 12 of us for lunch as Susie joined us. Haven't seen her since Weeza and Phil's wedding, so it was excellent. Our families have known each other forever - my father was best man at her grandfather's wedding. She was telling us that recently she and the girl she shares a house with came out of their house to find a dead man on the doorstep - literally. She said that they nearly slammed the door shut and pretended it hadn't happened. Then, he was right against her car door so she had to climb in through the passenger side. I said "But didn't you call an ambulance or anything?" I'd come in on the conversation part way through. It transpired that the paramedics were already there. It was a gruesome tale, and really, it's just the sort of thing that would happen to Susie and practically no one else. She said that it wasn't in the paper and she didn't know what had happened, whether it was a heart attack, overdose, mugging - they hadn't heard anything.

Zerlina was trying some baby rice and enjoying the experience. She sat happily in her high chair, while the other two were at the other end of the table, in dining chairs with arms, on two cushions. I hadn't got more vegetables in than I'd planned for when I thought there would be 4 adults and a baby rather than 9 adults, 2 toddlers and a baby, except for doing a whole lot more roast potatoes and so there were not loads of leftovers. I was glad of the little table-top cooker I usually only use during the summer when the Aga's off, as it was such a huge piece of beef that it took up the whole height of the oven and there was no room for the spuds. I'd have had to juggle between top and bottom ovens (top is hot, bottom is warm), but as it was, the joint rested while I cooked the Yorkshire pudding and all was fine.

Tomorrow, one of Al's customers is throwing her big annual Christmas/birthday/teddy bear's party. She and the bear will be 92 years old. Usually it's on a Saturday and Al can't go, but this time he's able to, so I've said I'll stay home and look after the children. Although we'd all be welcome, and the Sage, Dilly and Ro will go, it'll be simpler for the children to stay at home and they haven't had much time to play with their presents yet. Later, they are going to the pantomime in Norwich.


Dave said...

Oh no they're not.

Z said...


Welcome home, if we're allowed to notice you yet

Dave said...

He's behind you.

Z said...

*turns round* Oh no he isn't!

Dave said...

Oh no, he isn't.

Z said...

Oh - hey, Dave, are you trying to confuse me or something?