Monday 9 April 2007

Z moves chickens and calms down

I have reformatted the camera and it seems fine again, and Ro tells me that I can put the pictures back from the computer to the camera.

I have ironed a huge number of garments, some of which I'd forgotten I owned. I still have some heavy woollen jumpers which will wait for a bit (possibly until the autumn), several of the Sage's shirts and some more of my own clothes as well as the inevitable garment that hasn't been washed quite clean and will have to be done again.

More interestingly, tonight the Sage and I moved all 29 bantams to their summer quarters. They were a little anxious but quite calm. I put four at a time into a box and covered it with my coat, the Sage carried another one (he needed a free hand, but he did take the biggest) and we carried them the 50 yards or so to the new run. He put them, one at a time, on the perch and they soon settled down again. They will be excited tomorrow when they realise they have a lovely new stretch of grass, full of insects and interesting wriggling things. They are laying lots of eggs already - lucky we can sell the surplus in the shop. Al's customers are very happy.


luckyzmom said...

For me ironing is soothing. Most think I'm nuts.

We get eggs from a friend every week. They are all different colors and sizes and I just love them. It was very difficult for me to crack them open at first. I wanted to save them all. I have saved many that are in a basket made of chicken wire and sticks. I am only allowed to keep one a week now though.

I have discovered satelite maps and had an aerial view of England last night. I love England.

Rog said...

Mmm...Proper Free Range eggs (as opposed to those with "free range" printed on the box) sounds wonderful!

Anonymous said...

mmm a proper English breakfast with farm fresh eggs-sounds so much better than the Special K with strawberries served here.

Ally said...

As one bantam-egg-seller to another, can I ask how much you charge? I'm flogging a mix of full-size and bantam eggs of blue/brown/cream for 70p a half dozen and people don't seem to be able to get enough of them ... am I undercharging, or is that about right? Yay! for bantams :).

Z said...

LZM - my sister enjoys ironing too. Yes, you're both a little nuts ;-).

Was it Google Earth? That's astonishing. The last time I looked, our village was still a little vague, but many places are so detailed, roads, gardens, the lot. Bit worrying, in a Big Brother way.

Murph, you're home from your hols? Hello!

Ally, we charge 80p a half dozen for the little bantam eggs and £1 for the larger hens eggs that a friend down the road houses for us - we put them in separate boxes and give a choice. Al buys in free-range eggs from a supplier and charges 75p for standard eggs and 95p for large ones. This is cheaper than supermarket 'free-range'.

I think you should edge your prices up a bit. Unless you have a very cheap source of chicken feed, you can't be making much on them.

Z said...

Martina, this morning I toasted a hot cross bun left over from Good Friday for my breakfast. I'll have to have eggs tomorrow!

dharmabum said...

i can wash, cook, clean, mop, jus about anything - the only thing i can't manage, and i don't really like doing, is ironing :)

why would anybody wanna put the photos back from the comp into the camera, i wonder :-?

Z said...

Dharma, if you can wash, cook etc, you're the man for me. I can overlook an ironing deficiency.

You make me feel a little silly, wanting to put the photos back. But I'm not one who carries around photos in my wallet and people do ask if I've got pictures of the grandchildren - this is a compromise!

Jamie said...

Glad to hear I'm not the only one who moves chickens in boxes. It was the only thing we could figure out last time the issue came up, but I didn't know if other people did it that way, too.

BTW, a friend of ours has now declared an intention to own bantams! It's catching.

Z said...

I think it's the simplest way - they can't flap about and they keep calm in the dark. It turned out that putting my coat (or a blanket) on top is better than a lid as it's easier to move to one side to add the next chicken.

Bantams have such nice natures and they are small, so you can have several even if you've only got a small run. Chickens are soothing creatures to own and it's such a pleasure to be accepted and trusted by birds.

DILLIGAF said...

you live in the countryside? any vacancies?

Z said...

A little village one mile from a little market town. Very pleasant. Plenty of room, 4D