Wednesday 11 April 2007

Z is a bad bitch-mother, but she celebrates

Heh heh, that'll mislead the unwary googler.

Tilly suggested politely that it was time for her dinner. I went to the kitchen and, on my way to the fridge for her food, remembered that we'd drunk all the chilled champagne and other effervescent delights. I fetched another bottle, put it in and ... went back to my desk.

Some fifteen minutes later, after having waited with the trust of Patient Griselda by her bowl, she came to me and wagged her tail. Truly, she is the most polite dog you could imagine.

Anyway, we need champagne tonight. I have completed the china condition report and sent it off and I've sent the photos too. By the end of the weekend (Lynn took time off to go to Venice for Easter - what? when there was Z's work to be done?) the catalogue will, I hope, be on our website and I'll put up a link.

The condition report took me four hours, and my eyes hurt by the end. I was asked what is involved - simply, it's a careful inspection of each piece in a good light, noting down any damage or repair. One has to be particularly careful to notice good restoration - there's one saucer that I felt must have been repaired, but I can't see it. I just know it's there. In fact, some people bring torches and repairs and cracks show up under UV light, but I don't do that. I put in a disclaimer, to say that I've looked carefully but don't give a guarantee. Caveat emptor* is the watchword of the bidder at an auction, although misdescribed lots should be refunded. There is a good deal of trust in the honesty of an auctioneer.

Not only have I finally finished the catalogue work, but tonight we are having the first home-grown asparagus of the season. So you see, champagne is a must. I have also picked spinach to go with our salmon.

I am supposed to be going to a concert in Yagnub tonight, and I would like to, but I've decided to give it a miss. I haven't watered the greenhouse yet, nor started to cook dinner. And I'm out to dinner tomorrow night with some girlfriends and off on my hols the day after, so I should spend an evening with my sweetie.

Oh yes, another reason for the champagne - my latest Amazon order arrived, which is very quick and I commend them. I've bought Ian McEwan's latest book, Chesil Beach. Mixed reviews I've read - I always find that he is a very good writer but there is a clunking plot flaw in every book that really annoys me. I also bought The Tenderness of Wolves - reservations again there - I've a feeling I'll find it overhyped. Then I bought Scarlet and Other Stories from All About Eve, because Stegbeetle likes it. In the same post, from, came 'Layer Cake' which I haven't seen before and I have another CD to come from them, which I think is Gershwin. So I'll have stuff to listen to during my trip on Friday.

Time to put the greenhouse to bed before opening that bottle.

*Any excuse to put in a subjunctive, you see


Pat said...

Traitor Z! You can spell frig. Enjoy your break. Seeya!

Z said...

Frig. That's so great. Do you pronounce margarine with a hard 'g' too, Pat?