Sunday 29 April 2007

Cornwall photos - 3

On Sunday, we went to Falmouth (found a splendid bookshop there) and the Lizard peninsula. On Monday, we had coffee and then lunch in Mousehole. The café cat liked my sister's mackerel. He was thirsty, but fizzy water made him sneeze (which made us laugh)

Afterwards, we turned left out of Mousehole and went on down towards Lands End.
We stopped to greet the Merry Maidens.

Then, as ever, looked the other way.

We went to the cliff-top (part of the cliff, in fact) theatre at Minack and looked, marvelling, at the view. Can you imagine this, the sea off England, in April. Wow.

A bit more wowing. You may not be sufficiently awestruck yet.

We bypassed Lands End itself, which is a bit downmarketed and crappy, and carried on up the north coast, but within a few minutes the sea mist started roll in, visibly, like smoke, so we bought sausages, tomatoes and Cornish new potatoes for supper and headed home to Mousehole. As we approached, the sun came out and all was bright. Later, we were told that the weather on the north and south coasts, even if only a few miles apart, can be quite different.

Before supper, we went to the local pub. Nice beer, from St Austell. I can't remember what it was called, but it may come back to me.


badgerdaddy said...

I've always wanted to see that theatre, it looks stunning when I've seen it on TV. One day... I mean, I've lived in Devon for about five years in total and yet only been to Cornwall once. So now I live miles and miles away, I'll probably be down there all the time.

Z said...

My sister picked up the programme, resolving to go back when there is a performance - from mid-May to late September, I think. Trouble is, that's when Cornwall isn't too easy to get to.

You're still nearer than me. It must be quite 400 miles from here.

martin said...

Z, A belated welcome home. It was not the same without you. My friend lives in Sennen Cove which I beleive is near Land's End. I would think the decline started when he moved in...........

Z said...

Martin, I paddled in Sennen Cove and have a picture to prove it. It's a lovely beach, we spent a day there.

Any friend of yours would up the tone of a place considerably.

Pat said...

Hope it didn't literally come back to you!

Z said...

Ew. No, stayed safely down the hatch!

Liz said...

Ohh, more gorgeous photos.

The sea off the East Anglian coast is just never that colour, is it? Even on the most glorious sunny day.

Rog said...

Love the turqoise!!! We spent a week in Mullion Cove on the Lizard last Easter and it was great. I'm afraid the cat would not have got much of a look in if I'd been there, though, Z.

Z said...

No Liz, the North Sea sometimes manages blue, but never turquoise.

Murph, I'm impressed, dogs are supposed to be colour-blind, though I never did believe it.

I'd have told the cat, most politely, to go away, and shared my lunch with you, Murph.

No, I'd have bought you lunch. With still water.

luckyzmom said...

Again, Lovely!! The color of the water is awesome.