Saturday 28 April 2007

What brought that on, then?

I say "sorry" to the Sage.

Seconds later, I say "sorry" again.

Not long after "Sorry. I hate bloody hiccoughs."

"Oh damn. Sorry."


(goes to fetch water. Drinks from the wrong side of glass.)

"*hic* Damn, now I need to go to the loo."

Return. Fetch more water. Drink from the wrong side of glass. Drink deeply, so that I'm almost upside-down.



Ally said...

What about they key down your back thing? Or is that for nose-bleeds?

Pat said...

I get them after I have been
laughing inordinately or after greedily gulping food down. I have to go and be quiet some where.

Z said...

I think someone's supposed to shock or scare you, hence a cold key down your back. A spoonful of sugar is also supposed to cure them.

Pat, I can imaging you laughing heartily, but not greedily gulping anything! I swallow food without chewing, so that I can keep talking, which is the usual cause, but I was a model of moderation last night and didn't do anything untoward at all.

I was listening to Isaac Hayes at the time (cheers, BD), maybe he has that effect on me?

heybartender said...

A little splash of bitters on a lime always does the trick for me.

Z said...

And then drink the juice? Suck the lime? Add a large gin?