Monday 30 April 2007

Cornwall photos - 5 - still in St Ives

At lunch, we chatted to a couple who live in Penzance. He was American, she English and they were in their seventies, I should think. We sat outside in the sun, becoming just a little pink.

Afterwards, we went to the Barbara Hepworth gallery and garden. This is wonderful, do go if you're in St Ives. I remember when she died, it was as a result of a fire in her studio. I love to see sculptures in a garden or house setting, rather than in a formal art gallery. Last year, in the rain, I went to the Henry Moore garden, which many statues are displayed and where his studios have been kept as he left them. They were fabulous.

But back to Barbara Hepworth

Some of the trees are pretty large now

As Martin says, you can't have too many sea pictures


Girlplustwo said...

lovely, lovely, lovely.

Lou Gold said...

I discovered your blog while researching Henry Moore on the web. Good to see these pieces that I had never seen before.

Only yesterday I posted a blog report about my love for Moore's work. Perhaps you would like it:

Best regards,

Lou Gold

Z said...

Hello Lou and welcome - hope I didn't mislead you into coming here - I checked I'd labelled these sculptures are Hepworth and not Moore!

I'm off on holiday right now, but once I'm hope I'll call in.

Z said...

home. once I'm home.