Friday 27 April 2007

Would you believe it?

I put my left eye* in back to front again.

Again, I was completely unaware of it, until, well into the School Governors' meeting, we had occasion to read a whiteboard. Then I became aware of a slight fuzziness. Once I knew, of course, I could think of nothing else, but I'd worn the lens the wrong way round for six hours quite happily until then.

At a suitable gap in the meeting (the Headteacher went to open a few skylights) I asked to be excused, explaining why. Reactions went from 'ooh, that happens to me' to 'ew, don't talk about it'. And, when I returned, caring "Are you all right?"s.

Anyway, I said we've got an Ofsted next week. We will also, as God made little green apples**, have another in September. The reasons for this have to do with finance - there is some that is due to us, but has to be okayed by Ofsted and it will run out in September, so logic states that the inspection has to come in September.

But, you mention, surely this Ofsted, if successful, counts? Sadly, no, for it is a mini-Ofsted.

Anyway, I am feeling pretty good, for not only do I have a cast-iron reason not to lunch with the inspector on Tuesday, I have also reminded the governors that I said, last September, that this was the last time I'd stand as Vice-Chairman. I didn't mention that I also said I'd like to stand down as Special Educational Needs governor, but sufficient unto the day...(staking my elliptical claim)

If I can find the lead, I will put up Pictures, later. Mind you, they are mostly of little Cornish harbours and little Cornish flowers. I photograph what appeals to me, and forget the wider audience. Sorry.

*Contact lens, of course, but anything to sound interesting...
**Frankly, I'd expect the Master of the Cosmos to delegate, but I only argue if I Bloody Well Know I"m Right...***
***Hey, if JonnyB has the rights to three exclamation marks (I hesitate to put them, as I am slightly in awe of him****, surely I could claim the right to the ellipsis, couldn't I?
****What am I saying? Totally in awe.*****
*****Mind you, I've got a job and he hasn't. But no, if you've got it...(see what I mean? Ellipses everywhere)

Update Ooh, bum, I've just realised my cast-iron excuse is for the next Tuesday, not this one.


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