Friday 27 April 2007

Cornwall photos - 1 - at last

I discovered, when I uploaded them, that there were about 130 photos. Of course, I won't inflict them all on you, even though they are all delightful, but just a few.

These are all Mousehole.

1- The sound of seagulls was constant. At this time of the year, they are fairly aggressive to other males and pretty randy with the females. I had to avert my tender gaze a couple of times.

2- The view from the window

3- Can you see the pink house, just right of centre? Look past the two houses to its right, and there's a car. That is parked down a little alley between the houses - our cottage was through the alley into a courtyard - it had originally been a netstore. It was delightful, and well converted, with the bedrooms and bathroom downstairs and the big living room/kitchen (well equipped) upstairs. Our landlords lived opposite, in a slightly bigger house.

4- Neap tides, the week we were there, so there was always some beach for the children to play on. The spring tide came in the night before we left.

5- Another aspect of the cottages round the harbout


Anonymous said...

I was always amazed when visiting the English coast, as to how far out the tide went. It doesn't seem to recede that much at Pacific Ocean beaches.

Z said...

Doesn't it? I didn't know that.

The spring tides have a big variation between high and low, the neap tides much less. I've never seen the Severn Bore (yeah, quite a few Norfolk ones...), it's when the incoming tide rushes up the Severn estuary and can sometimes be quite spectacular.

luckyzmom said...

Love the photos. Reminds me of our trip to England when we visited the Rose Castle. I loved walking through the town seeing all the fabulously old stuff.

Thanks for posting the pics.

luckyzmom said...

Deal was Deal Castle in was in the shape of the tudor rose.

Z said...

I've never been to Deal Castle, though I've visited a lot of places in Kent. Next time I'm planning a trip I must go there. I've got friends in Canterbury and Tunbridge Wells and I haven't seen the TW ones for ages, and have been promising a visit.