Thursday 20 April 2006

What the baby said

In response to requests. Well, request, but you all want to know don't you.

The usual: mama, dada, animal noises (my daughter was big on animal noises too, she could say moo and baa long before she could enunciate actual words), yes (the s is usually silent), no. Useful phrases are 'oh dear', 'oh no' and 'wow!' Shoes is a new word, because she hasn't had them long and is very proud of them. Milk (silent k) is also new; now she is over a year old she has it (cows' milk, that is), from a cup, night and morning and loves it. She asks for more occasionally in the daytime, usually if she is tired. She also says 'bye' and waves - there may be more words but I'd have to ask her parents. She understands a good many more and replies to questions if you have the good sense to ask in a form she can say yes, no, shoes, whatever, to. When I suggested we visit Daddy, the reply was 'yeh, yeh, dadada', which to my fond ear almost qualifies as a SENTENCE (except it doesn't have a verb).

She was very good all day, but when Mummy arrived home at 5.30 her face lit up, she kissed her over and over and then smiled at me, waved and said 'bye' - well that's all right, I know my limits and my limitations.

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