Saturday 8 April 2006

Pictures from Venice -1.

1. The lions reminded me of the sketch with John Cleese, Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett, 'I look down on him........'

2. On a windowsill. I like to think that this was kindness and not, "mm, squab pie......"

3. Me in the foreground - that's the only reason for this one

4. Just don't open the window, put something on the sill and then absent mindedly knock it off.

5. Multi-coloured houses on Burano, the island where they make lace. And biscuits. And paint their houses brightly.

By special request (I get emails, you know, ones saying 'please'). More to follow, but if you read this on Monday you'll see the others first. Not my fault, Blogger would only accept 5 pictures at a time.

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