Thursday 20 April 2006

Typing with all fingers

Back in business, the new keyboard has arrived. I have rather a quantity of work to catch up on: it was not impossible to send emails, double-clicking painstakingly on each letter, but not having a working space bar made them almost as hard to read as they were to write and business letters were out of the question.

Babysitting today, Grandbaby is having a nap at present. She was tucking enthusiastically into lunch when I realised I hadn't put a bib on her. I took her into the shop to visit her father, who said, "Ah, egg for lunch I see."

He minded her while I went across the road to buy a bib. She sorted out the onions and then put the apples into variety packs. A pity really as he prefers to sell each sort separately, but he can amuse himself this afternoon sorting out the Granny Smiths from the Pink Ladies.

I'm feeling a little distracted at present as I may not have long before I'm back on grandmotherly duties, so I will add more later. Luckily, Gb can say quite a few words now and understand more, so I don't have to guess what I'm expected to do. I can ask and she tells me.

So we're both happy.

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