Friday 21 April 2006

Seventh in the queen dorgies stakes

I was told the other day, so of course checked it for myself, that if you enter queen dorgies into Yahoo Search, my comments on designer cross-breeds comes up 7th. This is hardly fame, but I was surprised nevertheless.

It may have been superseded by now by much more important articles on our monarch, in view of this being her Happy Day. I'm not going to check as I've a feeling I would be slightly disappointed if I'd been dropped to the second page. It would be very uncool to be disappointed by something that I'm already embarrassed by feeling a bit gratified about, so it's better not to know.

I was nowhere to be found on Google. Unless you know different.

I'm supposed to be cooking and gardening today; so far I've been shopping, blogging and eating chocolate. My self-motivational skills are slipping.

I bought a new watering can (and other, more fun things, of course). I have plenty of them already, but I don't know what has happened to their roses (the end bit that sprinkles the water gently rather than all 2 gallons deluging the seedlings in one go). I went to the garden centre to buy a new rose and found a whole range. Unfortunately, they all had similar fittings, which said 'fit most watering cans' and I knew, because I'd been caught this way before, that it really meant 'fit most watering cans, except the ones that we actually sell, so if you lose the rose of a watering can that you have bought from us, no good looking here as you have to buy another watering can. From us.'

I suppose they couldn't fit all that on the label.

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