Friday 7 April 2006


Not a wonderful picture of the tadpoles a couple of days ago, but it was sunny and there was a lot of reflection; it was the best I could do. And the netting reflected too. That's necessary because we have a harnser who is fond of tadpoles. For breakfast, that is, herons' beaks aren't made for kissing.

A proper child-proof pond net will be constructed soon.

A friend handed me a book to read on holiday. I thanked him, enjoyed reading it and gave it back with renewed thanks. I’ve just discovered it was intended as a gift. Oh I do feel gauche. And ungrateful. I’ll have to explain to him that I am a simple woman who needs clear explanations.

It would have been worse if I’d hung on to the book when it was a favourite he really didn’t want to lose.

At least he can read it himself now. And then the decision will be his, whether to treat it as a loan or my (rather ungenerous) gift to him.

Anyway, peach, if you read this, I know you better than to suggest you might have taken offence, but sorry anyway.

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Z said...

You know, how in The Land That Time Forgot et al, how evolution didn't happen and dinosaurs still roam.

Well, in Norfolk where we're similarly undisturbed by 'civilisation', evolution has speeded up and even tadpoles travel in style.