Thursday 16 May 2013

Very nearly an armful

Yes, it's that time again.  I wondered if I'd have to cancel at the last minute, but I felt fine this morning, albeit a little hoarse (insert joke of your own choosing), which is probably the effect of oilseed rape fumes.  I've been in Music all day, then off to the blood donor clinic.

Most amusing moment of the day was when a fanfare was played and correctly identified as such and the children suggested when it might be used. "When *the headmaster* comes in," said young Charlotte.  

There was much jollity at the clinic, mind you, where we had to wait for a while.  "They always overbook," Kevin explained, "but sometimes everyone turns up."  And they've got new couches, very comfortable but they take more room overall than the old flat beds so they can only fit in six instead of nine.  One young man was donating for the first time and was very nervous and his girlfriend and a friend had come to give support.  Doing something you're afraid to do makes you very brave, well done to him.

Tonight, I'm guaranteed a meal, because I'm going out to supper.  And tomorrow, the Sage will be in London - actually, we haven't seen a lot of each other this week, so at least we'll have plenty to talk about on Friday evening.  


Unknown said...

Ann still donates blood, but a few years ago they decided that mine really wasn't up to snuff, and declined any further donations from me. I decided that if that was their attitude I wasn't going to give them any more; so we were in agreement; and there the matter rests.

Z said...

I have an inclination to anaemia, so take the view that if I'm fit to give blood, I must be in good form.