Monday 13 May 2013

Still no broadband

1 I have sent in my passport renewal application at last. Yes, I've had the form for a while, but in fact I'm not going abroad until September and it runs out in December, so I'm in good time.

2 BT is coming to sort out the Internet connection tomorrow morning. I had things that needed doing, so spent half an hour on the library computer this morning.

3 The skip has arrived. The Sage and I will devote tomorrow morning to feeding it.

4 Local rhubarb in a crumble on Sunday, our first asparagus from the garden last night (though we gave the very first to Weeza the other day). And the lilac is nearly out. The weather isn't springlike, but the feel is.

5 Governors' meeting today. And oh look. It's nearly time to open a bottle. Here's mud in your eye, dear hearts.

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Liz said...
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Liz said...

I'll try that comment again, but with some punctuation.

I bow to your superior blogging abilities; I can view blogs on my smartphone but I have no idea how to write and post one from that device.

Mmmm, rhubarb and asparagus. Tasty.

Blue Witch said...

It was an error to praise BT. Really ;)

I expect they'll have to put you back on dial-up to resolve it...

Anonymous said...

Asparagus arrived here last week, but this evening is more like late September, really ... Silvaner is the solution!

Z said...

Liz, you can write a post but you need to use html to put in paragraphs. So it's simpler to write it as an email. If you go to settings > mobile and email it gives an email address for you to use and a place for you to put in a password.

Splendid young man spent nearly two hours here. He received a phone call during the morning saying it was a priority and must be resolved by 1 pm. I have no criticism of BT, they've been really good.

Sunny but a cold wind here, Mago, temperature not expected to rise above 14ยบ all week,

Unknown said...

Cheers, my dear! xx

luckyzmom said...

Just this morning I noticed that, sadly, it is time to remove the blooms from the lilac bushes (2). I have made sure to smell them as often as possible while the fragrance lasted. My fav.