Wednesday 1 May 2013

Z goes to the Fisher

The local theatre is branching out - it already shows films, a mainstream one once a week and an indy/foreign film with a cinema club, also once a week.  But now they're joining in the screening of opera performances and are doing several of them through the summer.  In addition, they're screening films of plays currently on in London, including the Othello that's received such good reviews recently. That'll be in the autumn.  Also a satellite broadcast from the British Museum of the current Pompeii exhibition, in July.

None of this is going to be like the real thing of course, but I hope it'll be an adequate substitute and I hope it'll be well supported.

This theatre has been a remarkable success story.  It was a Georgian theatre, long disused as such and most recently was used as a storage warehouse by clothing importers.  A group of enthusiasts started a fund to get it converted back and at that time there were still generous EU grants - all the same, they had to raise an equivalent sum themselves.  I honestly thought it was a pipe dream, but they did it and it's a brilliant venue and they have all sorts of imaginative showings there.  It's also available for hire for various events - the local branch of Nadfas uses it, for instance, and there are book signings, parties, charity dos and so on.  A lot of the people who manage it are volunteers and it's a labour of great love.  I don't get there enough - the Sage isn't fond of theatre or cinema and I don't like to leave him too often in the evening.  I used to have various meetings in the evenings, but not now, or rarely.

Tomorrow morning, I must print out the address labels for the catalogue for the next sale - I meant to do it today.  I hope I've got enough sheets of labels, though I can buy a few more locally if necessary.  I'll tell you about the sale another day.

I was practising the organ the other day when it occurred to me that I'd never seen myself play - well, obviously, since I've never been filmed.  So I did - that is, I started my phone camera and balanced it on the sheet music ledge and played it back.  Yes well, it was amusing anyway.  Rest assured, I deleted it once watched - no one else has or will see it!  I look so solemn - though there wasn't too much scope for mistakes in Abide With Me, at least.  At least I keep my eyes on the music rather than the keyboard most of the time...


mig said...

Ooh I wouldn't want to watch me playing!
The theatre sounds lovely.

janerowena said...

I love the way that cinemas are showing screenings of opera, ballet and concerts now. I spent much of my life in a very rural area of Kent, but could catch a train and be seated in a theatre or concert hall an hour later. I do miss that.

Z said...

My music teacher took a picture of me playing the clarinet at a concert and gave it to me on my 40th birthday. Not especially flattering, has to be said! And in this instance it was a view no one would see as it was the viewpoint of the organ itself. A couple of times, I visibly counted between bars.

It's getting back that's the thing in this neck of the woods, isn't it? What Norwich badly lacks is a concert hall, there have been campaigns over the years but the council just isn't interested and only wants to build shopping malls.

Liz said...

I know someone who volunteers at The Globe as a steward and I am lead to understand that there are 3 filmed Shakespeare plays doing the rounds in cinemas and theaters this year.

We do have a council run theater in Ipswich. It isn't large enough to attract the big name music acts but the smaller ones come (we've seen the Ukelele Orchestra there twice and also Bellowhead). Most of the comedy tours come to Ipswich and some stage shows too. I saw a brilliant production of 'Calendar Girls' there a couple of years ago.