Friday 3 May 2013

Nephelococcygia (sp?)

I've been doing some more thinking and I have come to a balanced solution that I think will suit everyone.  But then I was ever the optimist...we'll see.

Sunny and warm at last, woo hoo!  And just in time for the Bank Holiday weekend.  Actually, it's been noticeable this year that holidays have had reasonable weather - well, that may be a bit of an exaggeration, it being two out of two, but that's a lot better odds than most years, when the prospect of a Monday off brings on biting winds and horizontal rain.

I've no particular plans, myself.  One tentative one for tomorrow has fallen through, so I'm open to suggestions.  Although it's quite possible that I won't leave here at all except to walk the dog.  Now that the grass is growing, there's too much to do and I suspect that the Sage hopes I've forgotten about an ultimatum that I issued a month ago.  What I haven't done all week is read blogs, I'm afraid, so there won't be many comments while I catch up again.  And if I'm out in the garden, there won't be too much of that...

I'm rambling, I'm afraid.  If you haven't met me yet, this is worryingly like the way I normally speak, when I'm not in incisive chair of governors mode, that is.  A little touch of irony there?  D'you think so?

Ben says he wants attention and I've been at the computer too long.  Fair enough.  Mind you, since it was only ten minutes ago that he threw up on the drawing room floor, I think it's I, who cleaned it up, who could do with being made a fuss of.


savannah said...

i like your day better than mine, sugar! xoxoxo

janerowena said...

We don't get bank holidays, being at a private school it's business as usual, they only acknowledge religious holidays. I have had to turn down so many lovely invitations over the years because of it.

What has that dog been eating? I once had one that specialised in removing dead birds from the cats. That was delightful to clear up after, but it killed her in the end as a bone punctured her lungs.

Unknown said...

Poor Ben!

Z said...

Got to be positive, Sav!

Sadly, it was the leftovers from our dinner! Not that he cared, I had to stop him eating it all again. euch!