Thursday 9 May 2013

Z's days

There are things that I'm not too keen on about my life, but what I do like is the variety.  A couple of days will give an example -


  • Committee meeting at the school - these aren't boring, but entirely purposeful.  Staff members are always invited to give a presentation at the start on current matters and I'm always impressed by the level of knowledge and involvement of other governors.
  • The courtyard, I noticed last week, needed weeding.  A group of governors, including the Head, had done this last summer but we'd omitted to establish whose responsibility it would be in the future.  So I thought I'd spend a spare hour there.  I was told afterwards that students were asking who I was (this is at our sixth form centre - all our long-term pupils would know me, but those who joined us for the sixth form probably wouldn't) and they were assured I was Really Important.  Heh.  Three garden refuse sacks of weeds later, I'd done about two thirds and will go back and finish it off unless someone can bribe a few students (apparently, a lollipop engenders much goodwill).
  • Shopping - just groceries, but it all got a bit complicated.  
  • Driving to Norwich to pick up Zerlina from school, a great pleasure.  We went to the playground, then to the Post Office to post several hundred catalogues for the auction next month and buy ice cream, then went to visit Weeza to pick up a front door key because I discovered mine wasn't on my fob - got to search for that, then went home and did jigsaws and played in the garden.  I made her tea which she ate in its entirety, good girl.
  • Home, Squiffany was at Brownies as usual on a Tuesday, so the rest of the family was here.  I only caught them for half an hour, but it was nice to do so.
  • Meeting at school about a new project, this was largely to confirm financial matters.  One particular item gave cause for concern because we didn't feel enough money had been allowed for it.  Had a second meeting to thrash this out, more money in the pot as a result.
  • Over to a junior school in Norwich to help out with an art project - this is a Nadfas thing, they sponsored an artist to go into the school for four days to do a project with two classes.  We made dragons' heads, the bodies having been made yesterday.  Great fun, lovely children who were beautifully behaved - this is not a prosperous area of Norwich, but the school is obviously very well run.  
  • Haircut
  • After an early supper, meeting at the village pub to start planning this year's village festival, which we have decided will be in September this year.  I took the notes, which I haven't emailed out yet - I was going to do it last night, but found I had emails to answer and Scrabble to play, so did that instead.
Nothing strenuous, you see, which is just as well because I ache rather a lot after my weekend efforts.  But varied and interesting.  However, I was too tired to write more and my apologies for lack of blogging. 


Rog said...

I'm worn out reading this. And you've still left loads out about dog walking and stuff.

Z said...

I've hardly done anything this morning, which makes a nice change too - in fact, dog walking was about it.

nick said...

Always good to know one is Really Important!

And it's always encouraging to come across schools in run-down areas that are determined to give their pupils the best possible education and won't accept that they're already "disadvantaged".

Z said...

Well, I've looked up their last Ofsted and free school meals is average, so it's not an especially poor area. But they certainly do well there and the school is rated 'Good' - from my brief visit, I'm not surprised at that. I've written a note to the headteacher to say how much I enjoyed the visit.

You can see why I like being a school governor - it's an ego trip!

savannah said...

i'm coming to grips with being unemployed (by choice), so i'm giving myself a week to wallow, then it's back to some of my previous volunteer work. you're a good inspiration, sugar! xoxoxoxo

Z said...

Just doing things for my own amusement makes me far more dull than all work and no play, darling - but enjoying ourselves is important too, of course! Have a great week.

kipper said...

What is the difference between a comprehensive school and other schools? I was reading Mulled Whines today and Phil noted someone who had attended a comprehensive school.

Unknown said...

Hello Z. Ref bloggery - quality is far more important than quantity, and yours is always very readable.

Roses said...


And this is a 'light' week.


I'm going to have to take you to one side again and show you what it is to be properly idle.

How do we know said...

i loved reading all the posts here.. all the way to the end of the page, and i kind of agree with the others here - u do have a hearteningly full life.

Z said...

A comprehensive is a non-selective state school, which is what my school is.

Thank you, Mike. I hope to get back to normal soon.

I've enjoyed it, Roses.

HDWK, I've been thinking things through a bit - time for another post.