Thursday 30 May 2013

Do It Zedself

I finally had to acknowledge that I've completely blunted the mower blade.  Fortunately, while I was busy with my rub, trying to perk it up again, friend Mike called round and he offered to take it and sharpen it for me.  Yes please, I said, handing him an adjustable spanner.

I did my own bit of diy today too.  I changed various filters in the hoover and took it apart to clean out the crevices, all of which were full of dog hair.  It's a jolly good hoover, a Sebo (hoover being generic) and has been going strong for over 25 years.  I see it would cost a couple of hundred quid to replace, but that's what I paid in the first place.  I had a glitch at the end, however, because I'd taken everything apart, put it together and it didn't work.  Finally, I tried a new fuse in the plug.  Yes.  That did it.  And now I've cleaned through downstairs and we're surprisingly okay, considering I haven't heard from the cleaners again.  I'm as fed up as a polite person can be.

It may be half term - well, it is half term - but things don't stop when you're supposed to be on holiday, and I've a meeting at school first thing tomorrow.  And a mammogram later, oh joy.  It'll be fine, it always is and, if not, what's the worst that can happen?  No need to save for my old age.  Which is a useful thought.


nick said...

"What's the worst that can happen? No need to save for my old age." Ha ha! What a wonderfully droll response!

janerowena said...

How very practical. I have a similar frame of mind currently, when I am more worried about funding my old age than worrying about what might kill me off.

Liz said...

That is an impressive life-span for a hoover. I thought I was doing well having only had 3 hoovers in 25 years. My first husband's mother used to destroy her vacuum cleaners at the rate of 1 every 3 years! Mind you, she did hoover every day (sometimes twice a day).

I hope the mammogram isn't too awful.

Anonymous said...

I think Hoover is actually a trademark
generic is vaccum cleaner?

Anonymous said...

OOPs - typing mistook

Roses said...

Good luck getting your boobs mashed. I'm not looking forward to when I start getting those invitations.

Practical and beautiful and a lady. I may have to cross you off my Christmas list. Happily, your love of wine makes everything okay!


Unknown said...

Busy Zed! xx

Z said...

Black humour is always a refuge in times of trouble, Nick.

Jane, I'm fortunate to come from a short-lived family, so my concerns for old age aren't great. If I'm alive and blogging in 20 years' time, I'll be surprised and disconcerted, and probably rather strapped for cash.

Many people prefer it to Dyson, Liz. When I was deciding what one to buy, I found that you either loved or hated Dyson, but no one had a bad word to say about Sebo.

I suppose you're right, anon - what I meant to say, and said badly, was that hoover has become synonymous with vacuum cleaner. You hoover the carpet, even if you have a completely different make of machine.

Practical, yes, Roses. The rest - ooh, you have to be kidding! Knockers duly mashed and now back in place intact.

luckyzmom said...

I actually have a Hoover that I vacuum with, though not as often as I should.