Thursday 23 May 2013

Take 5, at some length (might as well have written a blog post)

1 6º at 8.30 this morning.  It was only 8º at noon, and by that time we'd had a couple of hailstorms.  Rain, hail and sunshine this afternoon.  Don'tcha love English weather? Z's luck is holding out, I haven't got wet at all, having just got indoors every time before the next downpour happened.

2 I just found a whole dozen bottles of white wine that I'd not realised had not been drunk.  Oh joy.  Two of them are in the fridge Right Now.  Not that I'll drink them until the weather has warmed up a bit.  I'm on comforting red at the moment (not in the right now sense, I'll have a glass this evening.  Obv).

3 Today's meeting has left me less daunted than I'd expected.  It was about the new teachers' pay and condition arrangements - though we have to rewrite our pay policy and check it against the performance management policy, and consult the unions and so on, and guard against Ofsted damnation, actually it's okay.  Our criteria are already robust, as they say - and (another moment of relief) there was nothing I didn't understand.  Nor, actually, that I was inclined to argue with in the principle of the thing.

4 I'm going on a sort of blind date.  No, let me explain ... when I've gone on Nadfas overnight stays, I've shared a room several times with my friend Jill who, of course, died a few weeks ago.  It's rare that there isn't a thwacking single room supplement, so I said to the organiser (we're going to Holland in the autumn) that I'd consider sharing, and she's had a similar request from someone else.  Only thing is, we don't actually know each other and she isn't even a member of our society but of one in Cambridge.  So she's invited me to lunch and we'll see how we get on.  It does seem a bit weird, actually, but even if we decide each to have our own room, at least she'll already have someone she knows on the trip and won't be with 30 strangers.

5 When shifting stuff ready to mow yesterday, I found a nest with seven bantam's eggs in, that had obviously been there for a few months as they've been in the kitchen garden for quite some time.  I put them in a box on the wall, but it rained and I didn't go and fetch them.  There are only two there now.  Rooks, I suppose.  They might find the eggs a bit stinky.


Zig said...

Teachers' P&C is something I'm so pleased never to have to wade through again!

12 bottles, you lucky girl - the sun must shine now!

Z said...

And another 12 of claret that the Sage was given for doing a valuation, but he'll guard those jealously.

Oh, now they've junked the pay scale, it'll be fun and games. In some schools, anyway.

mig said...

I do love English weather but I'm beginning to hope it will get a little less English soon.
A whole dozen! Wow!

janerowena said...

Four hailstorms here yesterday, and a friend further west had snow! No chance whatsoever of building up a wine cellar here - even if we had the space. As fast as we buy it it either gets drunk, or we feel we have to give it as presents to someone or other. I would love a bottomless wine supply.

Z said...

Yes, Mig (welcome home, btw), I'd be fine with the rain or even the occasional startling hailstorm, but it's so jolly cold.

Forecast good for the weekend though Jane, the Sunday and holiday Monday anyway. I'm too vague to have a supply of good wines, I'd never remember how long I'm supposed to keep each one before drinking.