Thursday 5 May 2011

Passing the post

I spent the morning on housework, cooking and reading the papers, just like a proper housewife.  I was just wondering whether I could be bothered to go to the committee meeting (a duty thing, I'm not actually on the committee) when a friend rang.  She was an hour away instead of the three hours she lives, and wondered whether she could drop in.  Of course, I said yes, was going to email giving apologies for the meeting, and then received an email asking for another meeting instead.  One loves to be in demand, does one not?

So, I had already made some asparagus soup, so that and toasted cheese would be fine for lunch.  But, when the grill was heating up and we were waiting for the Sage, I heard a small pop and the element went from red to black.  Appliance malfunctions never come singly, do they?  It was all right, I put the toasted cheese in the Aga, and I do have another mini-oven which has a grill anyway, so I'll decide in a few days whether to replace the broken one.  It was only today that the Sage visited the dump to get rid of everything we'd chucked out; it's some way away and it'll be at least a week before he goes there again, but I'll shove it in the back of his van and then it'll be his problem.  Hem.

I voted before lunch and the Sage voted tonight.  I voted no in the referendum.  When you have people saying that it isn't great but you need to have some progress to press for further reforms, it's not that inspiring.  Besides, the MEPs are elected by PR and I hate it, I don't know who any of the East Anglian ones are, so further 'reform' wouldn't be for me on those terms.  I stepped back, as it were, and thought, if I voted for someone who came first, but then lost because of whose second or third choice they were, I'd be a bit miffed.  And I don't think there's been a reasoned debate by disinterested people, all the BBC has done is patronisingly explain how the system works, not what the possible implications are.  I don't buy pigs in pokes just to see what might happen when you open the basket.

The new kettle turned up this morning, which I think is pretty good, considering I ordered it on Tuesday and the promised delivery was 5 working days.

Mike is doing his annual Which Decade poll.  Love it.  I think this is the sixth year I've joined in, and I take it so seriously that I listen to each track at least three times before casting my votes.  Interestingly, I've usually changed my mind by the third hearing.


Dave said...

Your final paragraph could be another criticism of AV.

Z said...

Mike's scoring system calculates and accumulates average (mean) scores for each track. That would be an interesting way of counting votes at general elections.

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Z:
We have discovered you via a most circuitous route but have much enjoyed reading your thoughts on
life and its absurdities.

Talking of whch...the referendum! We also voted NO in the belief that, as you say, the eventual election winner could well be the total compromise candidate that nobody really wanted at all. First past the post has its drawbacks but AV does not seem to us to provide a credible alternative.

We are Followers!

Z said...

Hello, Jane and Lance, what an interesting way of life you have. I'll go back and read more of your blog.

I find people by following comments, although less frequently than I used to, because there are so many interesting blogs and I can't read them all! Otherwise, I find new blogs by comments left here, so thank you.