Saturday 28 May 2011

Keeping a Zecret

Admittedly, I'm secretive by nature, but I think I'd be wary of taking out a super-injunction.  I mean, by its nature, journalists have to know that you have something to hide, don't they?  If I were to be doing something a bit dodge that I don't want anyone to know about, then at what point would I go for it?  For a start, I'd have to tell the lawyer.  That's a bit no-go (or number 90, as Eric, as in Little By Little, would have it, as I think I remember from my extreme youth) for a start.  And then the judge would have to know, and then, as I said, the journalists, and once they knew I'd got something to hide, they surely wouldn't rest until they knew what, even if they weren't going to publish it.  The timing would be crucial, just within the time that they knew but before they went to print, or else the cat might be let out of the bag needlessly.

Of course, this is all hypothetical.  No really, of course.  Just look at me, you can see I'm a publish and be damned woman, and that most of my sins relate to chocolate and overenthusiasm.

Having said that, I've actually been cautious for years.  Right down to the parking ticket and the application of lipstick in a public place.  It has, for a long time, been my dread that my (very minor) *place in society* might become my identity.  From the time that I used, once in a while, to help with the children's group on a Sunday morning, I have veered from anything that might give rise to "Sunday School Teacher* In (insert misdemeanour of your choice) Scandal."

I did get a parking ticket once, actually.  It was about 20 years ago, I was heading back to the car park when a friend hailed me and, unwisely, I stopped for a chat.  Not for long, but for long enough.

Enough of that.  The family finally arrived home in the middle of the afternoon, and we went to have a cup of tea and some cake.  Hadrian was having a feed when we arrived, and afterwards his father changed his nappy, and was caught unawares by an unexpectedly sure aim.  After that, Hadrian stayed thoroughly awake and looked about him with great interest.  I know that small babies cannot focus at a distance, but he certainly has the measure of me and his Grandpa.

*or whatevs


Christopher said...

My daughter did exactly the same on her first homecoming, but accurately targeted our then cat Fogbert, showing an over-close interest in the new arrival.

The journalists never got hold of it, though.

Marion said...

What on earth,Z? Now of course, I wonder if you aren't secret royality or thinking of running for political office. I do hope you have a wonderful mysterious secret. We all deserve at least one.

Dave said...

I'd be very surprised if all of us didn't have something we'd rather other people didn't know about.

My big secret is [censored] - but only on Wednesdays of course.

Roses said...

I think there are some things that shouldn't be shared, not that you'd ever know that given everything I blog about.

But as for the things I don't blog about...they aren't quite as interesting as I'd wish.

Roses said...

PS. Well done Hadrian. It's definitely a boy thing.

Z said...

It seems it's not just a boy thing, Roses, according to Christopher.

There has been a lot of publicity recently over here about super-injunctions, Marion. As far as one can gather, many of them are taken out so that people will keep their extra-marital affairs out of the papers. There's some doubt as to whether this is a matter for the law. I'm not having an extra-marital affair and have no plans for one, nor applying for an injunction about anything else!

luckyzmom said...

Ahhhhh...the first Christening!

Z said...

Haha, yes indeed