Monday 23 May 2011

The bows and the bees

I'm being overwhelmed by emails.  I have them all directed to my phone, but they are only marked as read from one address (and so, if deleted, they vanish from that inbox but not the others).  I have four email address and the Sage did have three, but I've just set up another for him.  I just logged in to one of my addresses and there are 150 unread emails  - that is, they have been read but only on the phone.  I can't bear to look at the others.  Sorry, I know I'm sounding incoherent but I rather feel it.

The Sage wanted me to type up a letter for him, but I couldn't.  It was written as he talks which, as you may know (if you do know him) leaves one more bewildered than he intends.  He starts in the middle and goes back and forth, with digressions, and I have to stop him and get him to start from the beginning - if you don't know him well enough for that, you might never grasp what he's talking about.  Honestly, the more enthusiastic he is, the further he roams, but it really is normal for him, I don't think he's getting *much* worse than he ever was.

Anyway, after a longish chat, I've rewritten the letter and made it much shorter.  It isn't helped that he keeps going off and phoning people, when I want to ask him about something.

When this is finished, I have a lot of documents to sign and date.  At least the brain doesn't have to engage for that.

Friend Mike called round this morning.  Over coffee, we started to talk about bees and he was very interested.  When the Sage came in, I said that Mike now thinks I know all about bees, but actually I've shot my bolt - he now knows as much as I do!  But he did start from a fairly low base, I had to tell him about the queen's maiden flight and everything.  Really, it was quite embarrassing for a modest woman like me.

This evening, I heard a sudden flurry of falling drops of water.  I assumed it was Al watering his flower bed, but the wet was on a different window, so it actually was rain, although it lasted less than a minute.  I remarked to the Sage on the sunlight on the apple tree and the ash, which lit them in a completely different shade of green than the other trees in shadow.  When I turned back, there was a rainbow.  It cheered me up altogether.


Gledwood said...

I'd really like to get rainbow wallpaper. Like a big rainbow arcing across my wall....

kippy said...

It was supposed to rain here today but did not. No day off from gardening chores. Rainbow wallpaper-what a good idea.

Dave said...

I used my bathwater on the garden yesterday. At least I'd softened the concrete a bit for last night's shower.

Z said...

Ronan used to have bedroom curtains with rainbows on when he was a little boy.