Saturday 1 December 2007

Z loses her Rag

A couple of hours ago, I was in a most Filthy Temper. An hour ago, I was in despair. Now ... sheesh, I'm over it. I'll explain to the person involved - well, one of them - how she could better help me in future than to send a document in a format that doesn't suit it and which took me nearly three hours to rejig it in a way that nearly worked, before I decided to cut my losses and cut'n'paste into a different thingy (fuck, sod and drown at birth bloody Microsoft Office, may I add, by the way) which the person's predecessor had used for several years with no problem. Anyway, I'll do it nicely.

The other person who has caused my ire and despair approached me a few weeks ago ... no, that isn't fair. The person who had been stuck talking to her greeted me with vast enthusiasm (a disguise for his relief) and mentioned the subject under discussion. I allowed, with polite enthusiasm, that it interested me too, only for her to enthuse that she was planning to set up classes in this subject and she was so glad I would like to join her. By the time I realised what she was up to, I had little chance of reining back, and my so-called friend had buggered off, grinning evilly. She rang this evening, asking for my email address to send me more info and ask which days I'd be free. I replied, truthfully, that it would depend week by week - I have both regular and irregular-but-no-less-important engagements. The annoying thing is that I might be interested in the subject, were a different person to arrange it, but I did not take to her, and I am known as a person who likes almost everyone.

Anyway, having done the cut'n'paste, I've still got the work to do on the document I would have had at the start which, normally being a job I hate, seems almost a doddle in comparison to the rest of the day, which included changing my grandson's nappy. Fuck me! - that was a nasty one. If it were not for the Iron Grip of Granny, he'd have smeared it all over the bloody place too. The lad knows no shame.

You think I exaggerate? Ro has been joking to cheer me up (having previously said when, as a last resort, I asked him for help with my document, that it was in the wrong program altogether and he didn't know - and he knows more about Bloody Microsoft Office than any poor lad should have to) and he usually lets me calm down by myself.


Pat said...

I sympathise - I really do. Life's a bugger sometimes.

Z said...

Today's better, I'm glad to say, although not for the Sage, who got rained upon.