Thursday 27 December 2007

Z didn't forget!!(!)

I remembered one deadline today, something that had to be posted for receipt by the 31st. Since I'd lost a vital piece of paper, which included the address, a couple of weeks ago and not had time for a search, it's been on my mind.

I also remembered Meals on Wheels, which I had been resigned to forgetting.

We've put in our seed order, via the gardening club which gets a substantial discount.

Tomorrow is Lord Bruin's annual party, one of the highlights of the season. Admission will, as usual, be by Bear only and under no circumstances will a Rabbit be accepted as a substitute. We are all invited, but since it's always on a working day, Al usually can't go - however, since he is a particular friend of the lady who arranges the party (both she and Lord Bruin are now 91 years old) - I have offered to man the shop for a couple of hours to let him and the Sage go. I'm not sure if Al will accept the offer however, as three whole days with the shop shut are a long time for him and he might not be able to drag himself away. He should; it's a splendid party and there are many competitions for happy teddy bears. One year, Ro's bear won the prize for Most Loved Bear.

There is a slight feeling that normality will soon return, whatever that may mean. It won't mean a visit to the January sales, although I do need a pair of boots as I only have high heeled ones and I didn't have time for shopping in the autumn. I don't like shopping much. Not the trawling around searching for the right thing. If it isn't right there in front of me, I lose interest.


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I love to shop and to find bargains. I frequently wish I didn't have to leave so many fabulous treasures, being sold at fabulous prices, in the stores for someone else to take home.