Wednesday 5 December 2007

Not the sharpest Z

I'm so slow. You know I've been meaning to take clarinet lessons again, but have been waiting until I've got time to practise a bit so as not to embarrass myself with my ineptitude. I've been told of a good teacher, but he's near Diss, 15 miles away, which is a long way to go. I've finally, finally realised it would be a good idea to ask the music teacher at the school for a recommendation. D'oh. Really, d'oh.

Excellent concert, really impressive. The kids are very good and visibly enjoy performing, without putting on any airs at all.


Dave said...

I can think of no witty observation to make.

Z said...

I suppose you could have observed that, evidently, no one played Air on a G String?


It'd've cracked me up.

Dave said...

Oddly, that was exactly what crossed my mind, but I decided against it.

Z said...

But no joke can be too obvious for me.