Monday 24 December 2007

T'is the night before....

So, what puzzles me is, who is still shopping for basic foodstuffs at 5.30 pm on Christmas Eve? Al had it all sorted in his mind - he'd start packing up between 4 and half past, and be out of the shop, clutching a wad of cash, by 5, ready for the Carol Service at 6. This is a kind concession to his wife and an unspoken but, hey, we all know it's there, charming gesture to his mother. He dashed home at 5.45, having had difficulty getting rid of the last customers. One of them, in the last half hour, spent £28. What would she have done if he'd been shut?

We started, again, at 5.45 this morning and checked the first delivery. No parsnips and no chestnuts. He rang the other company, and found that they'd packed 5 x 5 kilo boxes of parsnips, out of the 6 he'd asked for (from each firm) and all the chestnuts - which meant he'd have 40% of one and half of the other.

Yup. I went to a supermarket in the next town and stocked up. Can't disappoint the customers.

I expected to deliver the stuff (it was now about 9) and leave, but it was really busy, and one of his 16-year-old assistants hadn't turned up. I finally got home at 2.

But everything's done now. I might as well go to bed.

But, only half an hour to Christmas! Ooh, exciting


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas!

Sitting on the couch, listening to a meditative "Oh Come, Oh Come Emmanuel" played on a dulcimer, as my daughter knits beside me, the room lit by the glow of the coloured lights.

I hope your Christmas is as peaceful and content.

luckyzmom said...

It is just now the same time as your post and I have just finished putting away the fod of wrappings and such. But, I'm ready!

Dave said...

Happy Christmas.

Z said...

Have a lovely Christmas, all of you xx