Saturday 29 December 2007

Z's still here

I've been having a rare episode of being sociable with my family and have had no time to write. El and Phil have gone back to London now and are vastly missed, and Wink is leaving tomorrow morning. However, we have been enjoying our convivial evenings next door with Dilly and Al and plan to carry on for a bit with those.

Al has two Saturday girls, who are sisters - one comes in every week and one on alternate weeks, because Eileen also works alternate Saturdays. The alternate-week girl has got another job, which is understandable - very sweetly, she offered to continue until Al has a chance to find someone else. But he has let her go - not worth her risking the loss of the new job. So I'll be in alternate Saturdays until he finds someone else, which may not be an easy thing to do.

It was a very cold, dry windy day today, with a bright blue sky and delicious clear air. I helped set up the shop for a couple of hours, and then went for coffee, where a schooldays friend of El's was helping out - her mother was looking after her two children for the morning. It was lovely to see them all. Carola mentioned that it was about 20 years ago that she and El had first met, which meant that she is now the age I was then - strange the difference in perception, when then I was relatively old and now she still thinks she is young!

I haven't been replying to comments as I usually do. Sorry. Normal service will be resumed before long.


Dave said...

I'm not sure we wanted to know that you will be having carrying-ons with your neighbours.

Z said...

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they do not read a double entendre where there isn't one.

luckyzmom said...

Who can complain? You have been so dependable!)