Friday 14 July 2006

This chicken chat will finish soon, honestly

It is giving me such pleasure, having the chickens where I see them every time I go to the kitchen garden. Usually they are in an area that needs a special visit as it's not on the way anywhere else, and that's where the Sage is usually to be found. Chickens have the same soothing effect on him that seedlings have on me. But they love the new site as it is full of plant and insect life and happily cluck all day - it's a soft and happy sound like a cat's purr, used to keep in contact and to assure each other that all is well. We shut the bedroom window on that side of the house last night, so I slept through cockcrow.
Of course, the downside is that a hen run is the first thing that visitors see, but hey, this is Norfolk and we hold our heads high - as Maudie Littlehampton* said "If it's me, it's U."**

I've had a busy and tiring day and it may be a measure of both these things that I have not glanced at one blog today. I might, this evening, but actually I quite want to go to bed. I probably won't, as early to bed, early to wake up is one thing, but 3 a.m. is another, and only too likely if I sleep before midnight. I couldn't be arsed to do the watering tonight, which I will regret tomorrow but, after all, life is full of regrets and it is character-building to learn to cope with them manfully.
You'll be awfully pleased to know that I have recovered from my strop of yesterday, although it lasted well into this afternoon and I am being civil and pleasant this evening.

*She is a character from the cartoons of Osbert Lancaster. And do click on the link, a most entertaining potted biography by Chris Stamatakis.
**The Mitfords - quite a family


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