Saturday 29 July 2006

Vegging busily

What a tired z I am - soon to be a zzz I am sure. I went out this morning just before 8 to pick vegetables, took 15 minutes or so to encourage several chickens back into their run - they just climb over the wire, but they never climb back so I had to open the gate and then chivvy them towards it, only to find a few other inquisitive birds wandering out in their turn. Then I took an hour to pick 3 varieties of french bean, courgettes, spinach, swiss chard, 10 cucumbers and broad beans. As the broad beans are nearly finished, I cut off some plants to give to the cows, which are getting very bored with brown grass, Some of them are not fond of broad bean plants however, so I had to search the compost heap for cabbages and carrots from the shop for them.
When all was picked, I went back towards the house, stopping to let some more chickens in again. By that time, and it was only 9.30, it was hot and humid and so was I, so I showered and dressed again and was just going to slap in contact lenses and slap on slap when Squiffany arrived for a visit.
An hour later I finished making myself human for the day, nicely in time to spend 11 - 6 in the shop.

My daughter and son-in-law are up for the weekend, so they came to call at the shop during the afternoon. And the pub was mentioned. Now, can you imagine the temptation? 4.15 pm, nothing to drink all day but a mug of coffee at 10 o'clock, and the pub was mentioned.
By 4.30 I was happily quaffing a pint of the landlord's best - still at work in the shop of course, and really impressing the male, at any rate, customers, who seemed not to be accustomed to the sight.

By the time we finally sat down to dinner, sometime after 8, I was really quite ready to take a break. And tomorrow I'll try to write something interesting!


y.Wendy.y said...

And did you also cook the dinner?

For someone who had such a full day I am not surprised you were knackered at clearly have loads of stamina.

What a bizarre way to start the day - chasing chooks. You need a gaggle of kids around to do that little chore - they'd have a blast.

Z said...

It was like the old days - my daughter and I cooked dinner together. We were also getting ready for lunch today, so I was preparing the meat for that while she was pitting about 3 pounds of cherries for Cherries Jubilee - very retro food!
Gaggle of kids needed. Can I borrow yours?