Tuesday 25 July 2006

All ironed out

No relaxing done this afternoon after all as I decided that catching up on some ironing was a higher priority than relaxing in the shade with a book. I am, of course, a fool, but at least, now, an uncreased one, I mentioned this intention in an email to a friend and he replied "Must-be-ironed items surely minimal these days." I mused on these words as I carried 45 or so freshly ironed garments upstairs and consigned 4 ink-stained shirts to the rag-bag. And then counted the unironed items; 66 dinner napkins, a really awkward white shirt of mine and a woollen sweater of the Sage's, all of which can wait. And decided that his idea of minimalism is not quite the same as mine.

A churchwardens' meeting this evening. And I discovered that I was not the only one to be miffed by the Church system. Some major grumbles by people who had not got their ear to the ground as I had, so had been in the dark until the official announcement. But, such was their annoyance, that their complaints sounded as if they were directed at the interviewing panel which was not intended, but sounded a bit personal. So I chipped in and said measured things and added that complaints should be directed to the bishop, not to the panel who were acting under directions from him. Fortunately it all calmed down quite soon. Another interview is set up next month. Pfft, we'll get a priest sooner or later and if the bishop wants us to lose interest he's going the right way about it.


stitchwort said...

Ah, so I'm not the only one who always gets tomato and curry on the napkin, cloth, shirt....
But 66 is an awful lot of sloppy eating!

Z said...

It's several occasions of 'Nah, they can wait.' and lunch for 20, 3 weeks ago.
And sloppy eating, you've got it.