Tuesday 4 July 2006

Naughty, but very nice indeed

It was only a few days ago the the BBC gleefully promised us a heatwave. Now they say it will soon end and we will have the relief of cooler weather by the weekend. I wish they would just tell us the weather forecast and not add their interpretation of whether we like it or not. What would suit me best of all would be a straightforward weather forecast, briefly repeated at the end for those of us who tuned in half way through (either by turning the set on or by starting to listen), only to find the bit of country we live in has already been mentioned and will not be referred to again.

Some may be finding it a bit too hot down in the southern part of the country. But there are flash floods in Manchester and it's raining in Edinburgh. I am managing to stay quite tranquil and cheerful - I'm not going to have a holiday this summer, so sunny weather at home will do me nicely instead.

Men seem to have more trouble with the heat at night, or so it seems from my attentive blog-reading. I advise a mini-fridge by the bed, with spare pillowcases in it, bottles of water and half-bottles of champagne for those moments when neither of you can sleep and you decide to make the best of it. I've recommended it to two people so far, both with vast readerships, so if the sale of such fridges rockets, I will take quiet pride in my part in the boom.

Actually, when I thought of the champagne (suggested to Greavsie today), the thought was appealing enough to make me want a mini-fridge myself. Can you think of anything more delightful? Really beats tossing and turning hotly at 3am. Geena doesn't think it's practical, but I think it's a good enough idea to ditch the boring bedside cabinet and all that sort on nonsense. Books can go on the floor, water is in the fridge, alarm clock can go on top.

Off to google mini-fridges.


Z said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Pat said...

I'm really tempted.
How exciting to have a deleted comment. Some people have them all the time but so far(touch wood) haven't had one.
Hope it wasn't nasty. They are usually anon which nullifies them in my opinion.

y.Wendy.y said...

I just can't imagine having a fridge in my room..the humming would drive me insane and keep me awake anyway..:-)

But good idea to keep pillowcases in the fridge...my oldest son loves cold pillows and complains his isn't cool enough..I shall do this and see what his reaction is next week. He'll probably look at me as if I am quite mad...mind you they do that quite often as a matter of routine.

Cold champers sounds excellent too.

Hope it doesn't get chilly here..I am so enjoying the heat after that dreadful, icy, snowy, long winter.

Z said...

Oh Pat, you'll have to send me a shocking comment which I will be duty bound to delete. Under a nom de plume, of course.

I just recommend these things Geena, I haven't actually done them myself, though they do seem a very good idea. I did check out the fridges, though I haven't bought one - my husband would think I'd gone mad. Until he discovered it had been a very good idea...........
I'm enjoying the weather too, it makes everyone cheerful, even if you have to watch for shorter fuses. I'm both more easy going and more irritable, which sounds entirely contradictory.
My sons think I'm barking - mainly for blogging, which they find weird.