Friday 7 July 2006

False memory

Although I'd lost the letter about yesterday's meeting, I knew where and when it was. Or so I thought. Fortunately, I checked my diary at the last minute. It was in a different town and at a later time than I'd expected. Don't quite know how that happened. There were three sessions, from 4.30 to 8pm and so they had laid on quite a substantial buffet meal, which was a nice surprise. I restrained myself to a couple of strawberries at first, but after the next meeting I gave up my virtuous self-denial and tucked in with everyone else. I knew I'd be cooking dinner when I arrived home, so didn't want to eat much.

People seem to agree with me about acronyms. So why do we put up with it? At the end of the session - which was well presented and entertaining, partly because hardly anyone wanted to do it and there were only three of us, in contrast to the thirty at the second meeting - we filled in an evaluation form. To the question asking what I'd do as a result of this training, I said that I'd stop people in meetings and ask them to explain every acronym or abbreviation, as it was apparent that I knew hardly any of them.

Squiffany will arrive in ten minutes and I haven't put in my contact lenses yet. See you later.


y.Wendy.y said...

BTW, FWIW, IMHO etc etc etc...when faced with a buffet - DO NOT RESIST.

Eat. Fill up with them goodies.

Family at home can have pizza. Or some cold squashed sausage rolls from your bag.

Z said...

heh heh - well, if I tell you that, each time we came out, they had put out a freshly cooked bowl of potato wedges - would anyone have resisted?
I will resist adding LOL, however.

Z said...

And strategy consultants are repetitive too - HAH - I rest my case.
Sorry, dw.
Actually, I'd no idea what buffest was, I'm grateful for the clarification.
One more thing, dw, when are you going to update your blog? Some of us lazy buggers who can sleep in WHENEVER WE LIKE check you every so often - busy, busy, yeah right.

Z said...

Please do - or do what I do, and when you don't feel like writing, post a picture! Up and down the City Road, in and out the Weasel, or something appropriately Islington.

Z said...

Well, I'd go to bed, but I keep receiving comments that need a reply.

Z said...

Ooh, really me! I am having a happy time reading blogs.

Z said...

night. Sleep well, wake up happy.