Saturday 8 July 2006


I've just opened today's post, which included a letter from the head of the Diocesan Board of Education (the village school is a Church of England school and I represented the village church on the governing body). It is quite the warmest letter of thanks that I could have received, and has touched me immensely.

Even the Sage, upon reading it, gave me a kiss (he's not big on expressing praise, though appreciative in his actions).

Though still mindful of and affected by the sadness and problems of friends, I'm looking forward to the weekend. My daughter is visiting, we're going to a party later to celebrate the 25th wedding anniversary of close friends and the sun is shining.

I wonder what you thank, if for you there is nothing beyond? Doesn't have to be a god, let alone my God, but something beyond this world - maybe for me God is someone to thank?


stitchwort said...

The thanking is part of the same as the grieving for the friends and the bad news; may you have the support you need for this.

Z said...


y.Wendy.y said...

How strong does your faith have to be to say thank you to God even in bad times?

Z said...
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Z said...

you can be as angry as you like with him then, he doesn't mind. He'll still be there when you are ready for him.
Think of the best sort of parent, he isn't called Father (or Mother) for nothing.
God isn't a fairy figure on a white cloud, he's the truest part of your psyche. You don't have to take on the religious thing to have faith in something, call it love, hope, whatever. And when you ask for help you may receive it.
(my second attempt at this reply, my first wouldn't have offended you, but might have upset others so I thought better of it and deleted it)

10:58 PM

y.Wendy.y said...

You wouldn't offend me Z - I grew up in a Christian home, always thought of myself as a Christian but these days...just sort of lost and questioning.

Z said...

Actually, I said that if you swore roundly and were extremely rude to God, he wouldn't mind - but I used the swear words and some people might not like that.

I do hope that it starts to get better soon.