Sunday 30 June 2013

Z paces the floor worrying about Rog


Rog said...

Fear not Zoe - I'm hard at work in my extensive stock warehouse! (But thanks for your concern). I'm still in awe of your son-in-law, who cycles further than I can drive!

Thanks for EXCELLENT do yesterday - a lovely atmosphere and brilliant food.

I was a lot more worried to see you disappear on the back of a motorbike....

Z said...

It's rather lovely, living in a county where someone falling off a bike is news. Glad it's not you.

I'll try Ben with the tea later - though there was a suggestion that we shouldn't open the pack, but put it on eBay, once it was discovered that it retails on Amazon at £9.99, with about a fiver postage!

The bike was brilliant. And thanks for coming (nice trousers, btw), it's the guests who make the atmosphere!

Blue Witch said...

Is the cheese good? Are they doing mail order?

Excellent interview on R4 too, I thought. Reminded me of Tom Archer... ah, but you don't listen any more, do you?

Z said...

I don't turn it off if it's on while I'm cooking, but I don't follow it any more.

Yes, it's good. Quite salty, about the same as Camembert but the flavour is more like ripe Brie. This was their very first batch, I don't know if they'll be doing mail order eventually. They don't employ anyone extra, so can't cope with much more work. I'll post you a piece to try.