Wednesday 5 June 2013

Z's week so far in pictures

A bit short of time tonight, so here are some fairly random pictures -

 This is my idea of what to do with the wall (it's not curved, it's a panoramic view)
This is the Sage's.  You can see, perhaps, what I battle against.

 Fishmongers' Hall from the garden
And the garden from the Hall
 As JaneRowena says, there used to be a choir school here and a famous recording was made in the Temple Church.
A couple of names I recognise, Walford Davies in particular, and I see that there was a woman organist at the end of the 18th Century
 The chickens tried to hide their eggs.  We found them.  With the ones in the nestbox, that made 35 found in one day.  H'mm
She's rather a bully, but she follows me around, so I'm fond of her.


Anonymous said...

Ach - things have to be put somewhere ... :) ...

I like the last picture very much! The composition, the twist of the chicken's body, the colours, I really like it. Sorry for being tedious.

And I have to learn a bit about the temple. We have three strange small churches here in he area, built by people who returned from a crusade - the second I guess -?- , I have to look in the books; but I know the buildings and am curious to see what they built in Londinium.
There is a very strange connection to the Knights and the Sacre Sidone - of course absolutely bizarre and far out, but ... I love these theories!

Roses said...

Are you going to let any of the chooks keep their broods?

My sympathies about the crap pile. I know quite a few people who hoard and that kind of crap would drive me nuts.

Liz said...

Lovely pics - I do like a photo post.

{wonders to self how it is I never heard of the Fishmongers Hall until yesterday}.

Rog said...

I thought the captions referred to the picture beneath, which led to some confusion regarding the Sage's ideas of walls.

Blue Witch said...

Haven't those plants against the wall done well?

That's a useful pile of bricks and planks. Misplaced, maybe, but useful nonetheless.

Z said...

Mago, you..... you bloke! it's all getting moved, he's been building the pile for two years. But you're never tedious, don't ever think it.

Hope not, Roses, we're up to over 30 chooks and we can't manage all those eggs!

The history of the City of London and its connection with the commercial Guilds is really interesting, Liz. My g-g-g-grandfather was a member of the Tallowmakers, I think it was - anyway, he made a fortune.

Oh, Rog. What can I say? Apart from tee hee, of course.

It won't get thrown away, BW, it'll just be shifted. The plants are growing well, though I lost a few in the winter and they're slow to flower.

janerowena said...

The school and choir were principally for the descendants of the Knights Templar, most of whose families lost all their money during a period of persecution by later religions. If anyone asked my father what his religion was, he would say that he was a rosicrucian, just to tease them. They were brought up on tales of mystical derring-do.

janerowena said...

So sympathise with your wall photos. I still haven't managed to be rid our our wood stack - in fact it's worse, I went down the garden yesterday to see that much of it is stacked against the largest tree in the garden so that no-one can use the circular bench below it.

luckyzmom said...

I'm trying to organize my piles so I'll feel justified complaining about his.