Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Three days of pictures

Monday, I cleaned and made beds
Tuesday, I went to Snape
 First evening it's been warm enough for people to sit outside
 I was on the huh, not the marshes
 Barbara Hepworth.  The statues, not the lady on the left
This is made of plastic milk cartons and mackerel tins.  The man just happened to be standing there
This evening, I suddenly wanted pudding.  It takes a minute to whizz together and 4 1/2 in the microwave, during which time I made the sauce.  Gentlemen, don't listen to excuses (unless they're on medical grounds). And if your wife is obdurate, can't cook or doesn't care, make it yourself.  Medium power so that the baking powder has time to work.  1 egg, its weight in butter, SR flour & sugar, a teaspoonful of cocoa powder and a dash of milk, beat together, cook.  A few squares of chocolate, a splash of cream and milk, warm gently.  


Anonymous said...

Give us old timers a break! You start off by mentioning baking powder and then nowhere does it appear in the recipe !!!! Go slow and put in everything, please.

martina said...

the huh? Is that some outdoor sculpture garden or a type of landscape?
When you said Barbara Hepworth, I thought for a minute she was that elderly female romance novelist. Oops, that would be Barbara Cartland...

Blue Witch said...

"And if your wife is obdurate, can't cook or doesn't care, make it yourself."

*pinches self*
This is 2013, isn't it?

Those wvs are becoming almost impossible...

Unknown said...

Slurp. That looks a REAL pudding. Slobber - slurp.

Z said...

Anon, self raising flour (SR) already has baking powder in.

On the huh is Norfolk for askew, Martina. And I don't think Barbara H would care to be mistaken for Barbara C - or the other way round, come to that!

BW, I know a number of men who would love to be fed more puddings, but it seems to occur to none of them that they could trot out to the kitchen and cook their own. In Mike's case, of course, he's been forbidden the delicious puds that Ann would be more than willing to make.

I'm sorry about the WV, if you could negotiate your way past Open ID I'd use that. Every time I turn it off, I'm getting dozens of spam comments a day. I will try comment moderation - though last time I did, it wasn't popular.

Blue Witch said...

"BW, I know a number of men who would love to be fed more puddings, but it seems to occur to none of them that they could trot out to the kitchen and cook their own."


Women (who can cook) who fail to equip their men (who claim not to be able to cook, of a certain age, largely) with basic cooking skills are doing them a huge disfavour - what happens if/when the men are left on their own? I know of several men who've had to go 'into care' because they couldn't manage even basic cooking when their wives died.

Also, although many retired women still do most of the household tasks and cooking (often because they always have), why should they - aren't they allowed to benefit from the retirement years too? The number of times I go to see an older friend and she's doing everything - cooking, clearing up etc - while He sits in a chair watching TV or reading the paper.

My Dad always did at least half of all domestic tasks and he'd have been nearly 80 now if he were still alive, so it's not *all* men of a certain age. No excuses.

Z said...

My father was an excellent cook, so are my sons and son-in-law. And many older women, me included, would love their husbands to do more about the house and have raised the subject on many occasions.

Rog said...

The reason most women live much longer than men suddenly becomes clear!

Food poisoning!

Rog said...

The reason why most women live much longer than men has suddenly become clear!

Food poisoning!

Rog said...

This is better! The WV is so tedious on iDevices because it keeps being auto corrected then if you tap the screen to re-correct it locks

Z said...

What a horrid way to go, Rog - I'm sure the dogs will share the Complete Shite if Mrs Rine is away, rather than let you go hungry.

Yes, it's a nuisance.

Z said...

Eek, found the first problem with moderation - when you do it from your phone, publish and delete are too close together. So apologies to LZM, whose comment
My husband learned to cook early in life because his mother didn't do it very well.
was accidentally binned. I've tried to get it back, but can't.

mig said...

My father in law had barely cooked as much as an egg until his wife died and then, aged eighty odd, he just learnt. We'd get phone calls asking how long to cook a steak or whether it was ok to mash potatoes without butter. He seemed to cope very well.