Saturday 29 June 2013

Z didn't make a list, so this will do instead

Jobs to do this morning...

Write name labels

Do food

Look helplessly at the fridge, wondering how to keep food cold and also fit in drinks

Iron dress. Or possibly reconsider what I'm going to wear

Panic and decide to fetch table from the church after all, in case I've miscounted guests

I think that's about it, really. See you later, darlings.

Love from


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LẌ said...

Have a wonderful party.

Blue Witch said...

In a while crocodile.


Roses said...

See you later darling!

Anonymous said...

As BW already noticed - five in the morning is a bit early for helpless staring at the fridge?

Have a nice party!

martina said...

We are having a yard "boot" sale here today. I'd much rather be at your party! Have fun everyone.

Unknown said...

Have a lovely time! Wish I was coming, but, you know why! :-) xxx

Liz said...

We had a lovely time. The food was splendid and so were the other guests. Thanks again for your hospitality.

Blue Witch said...

I've christened this Year 3: The Year of the Tortoise and the Motorcycle.

Thank you both for another delightful afternoon. Did anything else exciting happen after we left? ;)

Good to put some more faces to blog names too - sorry I can't comment on those whose blogs only allow Blogger IDd comments.

Z said...

We ate the rest of the food for supper and did the washing up, nothing more exciting than that.

Thanks for coming everyone and all the lovely things you brought. I'll put up a list of links to blogs tomorrow for the benefit of those of you who didn't know each other.

Sir Bruin said...

Verily, 'twas a wonderful day and yon comestibles were most toothsome.