Wednesday 16 May 2012

Ro the songwriter

When Ro was a very little boy, he was given to moments of lyricism.  He was not quite three when he came up with this

People in the clouds, people in the clouds
Because they are smoking a cigarette 
In my eye
But mummy got it out with a needle
And now it's better again

No one in the family or our circle of friends smoked, so I'm not sure where he got that idea from.

A couple of months later, he sang this to us

My little tree, my little tree
We are happy, we are fat
We are like a walnut cat
We are happy, we are fat
We are like a walnut cat
My little tree, my little tree

And here is the tune.

He's written neither poem nor music ever since, as far as I know.


Tim said...

Oh, and now I'm going to bed with that song in my ears. Beautiful, thank you!

martina said...

That is quite a nice tune. Was that you playing the clarinet?

Rate My Sausage said...

Ro was better than Barry Teeth even at the age of three!

Z said...

It's been in my ears for nearly 25 years! Yes, it was me on the clarinet, I thought I'd spare you the sound of my singing.

Though then he stopped, Simon! Are you free to come to the blog party, btw? You're welcome to stay over if you are.

Rog said...

It took Dylan another 23 years and several pharmaceuticals to come neat that. Amazing for a 3 year old.

Macy said...

Oh I might try to come to the blog party seeing's how things have changed slightly up here.

Is Bungay the closest town?

Heads off to G+

Z said...

That would be marvellous Macy. Yes it is. You're welcome to stay here or Roses in Norwich invited you too. Hope you can come.

mig said...

What an amazing child. How absolutely delightful. And satisfying.
I shall be smiling all day whenever I think of it.

Rate My Sausage said...

Thanks Z but I doubt I'll be able to make it, the MOT runs out imminently closely followed by the insurance, and there's no money at the moment to sort it out! Would love to though, maybe next year?

Z said...

He's still lovely, even if he doesn't compose songs any more!

Sorry, Simon. See you soon I hope x

Blue Witch said...

I think that it should be performed at the blog party.

How do we know said...

ooh thats brilliant for a 3 year old. i was just going to write down the songs that ishaan has made up.. and this post made me smile :-)