Thursday 17 May 2012

Curate's egg

I didn't fill in the feedback form after the meeting - for one thing, I had to run to catch my train.  For another, I didn't quite know what to say.  Good in parts, perhaps?  Not quite excellent, even so.

I had about 500 yards to scurry to get back to Russell Square, then into the lift, then onto the platform.  The train was just coming in - one stop to Holborn.  Several corridors to hurry down, then three minutes to wait, anxiously.  I'm not good at cutting it fine.  Four stops and then four minutes to four, I excused myself past people and rushed on to the concourse at two minutes to.  I got on the train on the first carriage as I couldn't run any more.  Through three First Class carriages and past the buffet and then joined a queue.  The man in front of me made a humorous comment, can't remember what, when he heard me pant.  He grinned, I replied amicably.  Standing room only, but I was able to lean against a luggage rack and I read my downloaded book until Colchester and then sat down.

It wasn't that interesting a meeting it seems, if I've a lot more to say about catching a train than about the previous five hours.

Tomorrow, I'll mostly be making meringues.


martina said...

You couldn't have done all that running two years ago. Hip hip hooray.

Blue Witch said...

Meeting at the IoE by any chance?

Anonymous said...

Hi Z. I'm sitting at the bar in departures at Toronto airport reading about your adventures over the last couple of months. I see that you've got another blog gathering coming up. We really enjoyed last year's but probably can't make it this time around. Hope it goes well.

Z said...

I know, Martina, I couldn't even have walked quickly. I thought of it at the time with great appreciation.

It was Nadfas, not school, BW.

Bill, I love to think of you reading my blog at the airport. Sorry we won't see you and A this time, hope to another. Another two absent friends to raise a glass to.

luckyzmom said...


Z said...

Indeed, LZM!

mig said...

I bet you're brilliant at cutting it fine unless you have to deal with the underground. On those rare occasions when I go to London I allow all day for the underground part and five minutes for each place I want be at.
(but that's probably because I'm not used to London - which is why I still love going there : )