Sunday 27 May 2012

Just desserts

Just to make Chris feel thoroughly regretful at his absence from the party, I took a photo of the puddings.  It's a bit on the huh, taken in haste on my phone.

The gorgeous Bakewell pudding on the left and the delicious pineapple fruit cake in front of it were made, respectively, by Ann and Madeleine - I ate a slice of each.

Today, we went to visit Weeza and co.  Phil was taking part in the Norfolk 100 cycle ride from Norwich to the north Norfolk coast and back - he was more than an hour slower than last year's time because he was cycling leisurely with a friend and they took a whole 5 hours and 10 minutes to cycle their 100 miles.  After that he biked home (another 5 miles, uphill) and we went to the village pub for lunch.

Tomorrow, Wink will leave too.  It'll be so dull and quiet, just the Sage and me.

Which reminds me, the Sage has been brilliant.  He doesn't read any blogs at all, not even mine, but he takes both my blogging and my internet friendships in his stride, welcomes my friends and takes them as his own too, and has been such a help in getting ready for the party.  I appreciate it so much.

Just to finish with, a big smile from Augustus, who has four arms, one tooth, unruly hair and ears that need some growing in to.


mig said...

The puddings were delicious (just rubbing it in a bit).
And the Sage was wonderful - please tell him I loved the postcards and was sorry to leave without saying goodbye to him.

Rog said...

I love the herringbone Pudding backdrop. And if cycling at 20mph is leisurely I must be virtually comotose

Z said...

Can't rub it in enough, Mig, forgiven (of course, poor dear Chris) but not forgotten. The Sage was also sorry to have missed you, he expected to find us all lounging around drinking coffee.

The herringbone was the Sage's choice when the room was built, he supervised the laying of each brick. It was 20 years ago, now of course I'd want to build the room myself.

I have rarely reached the speed of 20 mph (downhill with a following wind), never mind averaged it.

Roses said...

*rubs tummy at thought of the puddings*

I started with the luscious pavalova and I made the mistake of eyeing up Lawrence's trifle. He promised me pain if I even thought of it.

Bearing in mind that hitherto, he has been most generous with sharing his desserts with me including the most ecstatic chocolate and passion fruit macaron; you begin to understand the height of the compliment your trifle received. And rightly so.

Lawrence thought the Sage was fascinating and I did frisk him for any china that might have come home with us. :-)

Z said...

It's quite straightforward, the only twist being a topping of syllabub rather than simply cream.

It was lovely to see you and meet Lawrence.

Pat said...

Bad enough to see photos of the puds without people drooling over them. I'll bet it was great fun and what luck to havesummer weather.
Augustus looks a happy little chap.

Blue Witch said...

I still think that last leftover piece of strawberry meringue that everyone had left, just to be polite, should have been packaged up and sent to Christopher, rather than being given to the hens.

Unknown said...

He looks like trouble!!

Liz said...

So many puddings and so little space in the small bear tummy.

I did find room for a portion of pavlova though and some of that chocolate mousse/trifle with extra chocolate. Mmmmmmmm.

It was a shame that we didn't get to meet Augustus on Saturday. Zerlina and Hadrian were adorable though, and not a bit shy.

Rog said...

Who is this Lawrence? I was told he was called Dave!

Liz said...

Have I got the babies the wrong way around?

Z said...

I did take a picture of the remnants of the pavlova, I'll put it up later, adding to Chris's regret.

He's the happiest child, John, really quite easy!

Yes, Liz, Gus was the one you met, it was Hadrian's birthday so he was out at his other grandparents' house where they were giving him a party.

Blogname, Rog darling.

Liz said...

Ooops! Just as well I didn't have any children of my own really, isn't it?!

Rog said...

Can you settle an argument between me and my brother? He claims Phil's time couldn't possibly be 4 hours last year as that's the average speed of top professional cyclists in the Tour de France - 25mph.
Is it correct and has Phil thought of turning professional?!

Z said...

I always got my children's names mixed up, Liz. I still do, come to that.

Very flat, Norfolk, Rog. I remember that he just missed the 4 hours by two or three minutes because a traffic light was against him and then he had to wait because there were a number of cyclists going into the Cathedral Close to register their times all at the same time.

There is a difference between a one-off 100 mile ride on fairly flat ground and nearly 4,000 km over three weeks which includes 9 mountain stages. Phil cycles 45 miles a day Monday to Friday and goes for a bike ride for fun on a Sunday morning.

Rog said...

Thanks Z - I win the bet!

luckyzmom said...

The picture of Augustus makes me smile.