Thursday, 25 August 2011

Z takes pictures with Gusto*

*I trust you don't mind me pinching back my joke, Chris?

I was balancing Gus on my knee yesterday taking his photo with my iPad.  It's a very entertaining feature in an iPad2, by the way, you give it to someone to take a picture, then press the top right of the screen and they are shocked to find they're looking at their own face.  Very startling, never fails to amuse.

This picture is called "Oh no, it's Mad Granny with her iPad!"

And this hardly needs a caption.
I finally left him alone so he could get on with his nap.


Rog said...

The last picture is the very sould of peacefulness and tranquility!

make the most of it! ;-)

Z said...

Replete, he was, and totally relaxed.

Christopher said...

Not at all. Delighted, as long as you don't mistakenly transpose the S and the T. All the same I hope he's feeding well.

It's good to have photos. In my experience No.1 just about wears out the camera with the number of photos taken, while Nos. 2 - ∞ scarcely merit a second glance.

I hope you're enjoying every minute of Mr Bufo's presence.

Mrs Rine said...

All the photos are lovely Z, but that last one is gorgeous. It is difficult to think he has only been out in the world so few days.

kippy said...

He's going to grow into that lovely hand knit sweater in no time. Do the grandchildren call you Z, Granny, Nana or another name?

Roses said...

He's adorable!

How's Weeza doing?

Z said...

Absolutely right, Chris. I don't think I've ever seen a baby photo of myself, whereas there are lots of my sister. Mind you, my mother said "Winkie was a beautiful baby. You were ... er ... bonny."

It's being a big baby, Mrs R, I've noticed it before. They are born looking more grown-up!

We are Granny and Grandpa - that was our choice, but fortuitously both sets of other grandparents made different choices, so there's no confusion. A friend in the village made the cardigan, Weeza knitted that intricate blue shawl. And she's fine, thank you, Roses. A lot of stitches because of forceps, but she's not one to fuss and she's very happy.

How do we know said...


Unknown said...

I love the way that tiny babies sleep - with great concentration.

luckyzmom said...

The resemblence to his Granny is readily apparent. I am in awe of the incredible blue blanket and the adorable creature napping on it.