Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Nearly a baker's dozen

I thought that you might like to see the cupcakes.  Here you go...

I apologise for the unseemly amount of leg on display; I wasn't wearing that short a skirt but it seems to have gone for a ride.  Weeza's sitting room floor is not on the huh, it's the way she took the photo.  And Zerlina was allowed a dummy, which she normally only has in bed, because we thought she still might have a short nap - she didn't.

I'm also reposting a picture of the figs I picked from our tree a few years ago, I think it would have been in September.  I probably ate nearly all of them myself in two or three days.  I like fresh figs.

I've been debating with Dave, in the comment box, whether it is a greater show of self-discipline to refuse a cupcake altogether or to accept it but leave the icing, assuming you like icing.  For me, it would be the latter (although not in the case of a cake, because I am not bothered about icing, not having a very sweet tooth).

I have no difficulty with leaving food on my plate; once I'm full I am unable to eat more.  If that means that food is wasted I can't help that; eating food I don't want would still be wasting the food, it's just treating my stomach as a dustbin.  I'd rather not do that.  But leaving something that is both tasty and moreish, that I could manage, is not that easy.  I can refuse chocolate, leave it unstarted or eat a single chocolate (from a box or a square broken from a block).  But eating half a Crunchie/Mars/similar 'one serving' bar, I find extremely difficult, even though I'm not very fond of them - too sweet, and I prefer dark chocolate anyway.  I can cut it in half, share it and not miss the uneaten part, but breaking it in two, eating some and leaving the rest is a real test of willpower for me.

I only ate one cupcake, by the way.  Weeza said she had one of them for breakfast this morning - she recommends.  I have suggested that Zerlina come to stay on Friday for the weekend.  I thought we could make sausage rolls, with jam tarts from the pastry trimmings, perhaps.


Dave said...

I haven't had a sausage roll for years either. I suppose one of them wouldn't do me any harm.

Four Dinners said...

I was about to comment on cupcakes when my daughter called 'daddy...I've just got a text saying something's kicking off in Hayes' so I'd better go and see....probably a false alarm.

Might go for a quick pillage later. Free widescreen TV at your local Tesco's.

God above...what a bloody world eh?

night babe and stay safe eh? x

Rate My Sausage said...

Yummy looking cupcakes. Yummy looking legs.

There is not a single thing to criticise in these photographs.

Roses said...

Your leg is very seemly.

And aren't you a good mum and grandma?

Hopefully, not much longer.

(You can have my figs, I don't like them)

Liz said...

I'm not a great cake lover, but I could definitely scoff one of those cupcakes.

Unknown said...

We love fresh figs. Put in a small fig tree last year, and hope to have a fig or so each a bit later in the year.

Unknown said...

P.s. When we had a mature fig tree (a brown Turkey) in Norfolk a few years ago, Ann and I were the only ones who ate them. Second daughter (who blogs as Nea) put the rest of the family off by saying that ripe figs looked like dead mice - browny grey on the outside and red on the inside. Hope this doesn't put you off, Regards, Mike.

Unknown said...

Your leg looks ok to me,it's nicer than mine!

Z said...

As long as it's homemade with sausagemeat from a good butcher, I don't think there would be any harm at all, once in a while.

I'm keeping well away from pillaging, 4D.

Al can't bear figs, don't understand it at all. I think English non-pippy figs are totally delicious. I'm not at all squeamish and Nea doesn't put me off at all.

Thank you, my legs may not be beautiful but I'm quite attached to them (although one had to be reattached, of course)

Dandelion said...

Those cupcakes look just like the ones in the Hummingbird! Sprinkles and everything!

Personally, I don't believe in willpower in eating. If you want it for the right reasons, eat it, if you don't, just be aware and you won't. Consequently, I find it very easy to eat half a crunchie if that proves to be enough.

If you do believe in willpower, I think it's a greater test to take a cupcake, bring it right up to your face, smell it, lick it, and still be able put it back.

Ivy said...

I too was brought up not to eat more than I comfortably could even if it meant leaving some on the plate - and I still do that.

And with chocolates or anything too I can happily eat just one or two and put the rest away for another day, or week or even month. I`ve still got 2 chocolate easter eggs in the cupboard which I was given this year!

Roses said...

I just re-read my comment.


What I meant to say is, I hope it's not too much longer for Weeza carrying bump.

*slaps forehead*

Z said...

Hello Dandelion, lovely to hear from you. And you are too kind. I agree, that's quite a test - especially as you know that it would then be spoiled for anyone else so if you didn't eat it, no one would.

We were good little girls though, weren't we, Ivy? Our parents knew that we would eat it if we could. We weren't just leaving the vegetables and holding out for second helpings of pud!

That was how I read it, Roses, your meaning was perfectly clear!

LẌ said...

Those are really yummy-looking cupcakes! Especially the icing and sprinkle job!

mig said...

Oh dear, I think I'm just greedy. If I'm enjoying something I'll eat until it's all gone. Fortunately I don't much like sweet stuff these days.
The cakes look quite wonderful though and so do the figs.

Christopher said...

Cup-cakes, sensible amounts of icing, legs, figs - more than my sensibilities can cope with at one time. I have to re-read this post by penny-number glimpses. Ooh.