Friday, 19 August 2011

Still waiting

Weeza sent a text this morning, saying that she'd realised she had a midwife's appointment, and could I babysit?  I had already thought about it, and reckoned that she wouldn't feel like going out for dinner, so I went and bought fillet steak, vegetables, fruit and flowers and took some Schloer and some good beer from the fridge and took them over for their dinner.

It was small enough, but she cried on my shoulder.  That is very unlike my Weeza.  She pulled herself together rapidly, however and went off for her appointment.

All is fine, the baby is in the right place and fully engaged, we're reasonably hopeful that it won't be long.  I'm very on edge.  When your daughter is having a baby, it feels doubly worrying and doubly wonderful - I really can't think about anything else or settle to anything.  Zerlina has come back here again for the weekend, the plan is to go over on Sunday.  We're willing the baby to be born tomorrow.

Delicious food in the greengrocer's.  Have you come across little flat peaches?  I'd never seen them before last year and they are lovely.  Do try them if you come across them.  Also, Tim had cobnuts in for the first time this year.  I doubt they're Kentish ones yet, I expect they are French, but I didn't ask, I just bought enough for both Weeza and me (of course we're willing to share, of course, if there are any left).


allotmentqueen said...

Oh if baby's born tomorrow, it's my birthday!

Gledwood said...

I misread what you put and saw "she cried on my bladder"...!

Hey I have this mysterious mysical feeling that the baby is being born right as we speak. 11:14pm!!

Dave said...

Do try to ensure it's born this week - I can't spend the whole of my holiday wondering. I plan to spend it wandering.

Z said...

Happy birthday, AQ!

Afraid not, Gledwood - now nearly 9 am and I haven't heard anything.

I'm doing my best, Dave, but my influence on unborn babies is limited.

Roses said...

I have a feeling...a good one, it's soon!

Hugs and hugs to both of you.

It's not my grandbaby, I've only met Weeza the once and I am chewing the desk in excitement and anticipation.

Bump, hurry up!

Z said...

Zerlina and I have optimistically been into Yagnub to buy a present.

Earthenwitch said...

Sending labour-y vibes and hoping that D-day is not too far off; good luck Weeza!

Friko said...

best wishes for a safe arrival.
I wish there were a possibility to of experiencing such an event. I love my daughter, but she doesn't want to know me. I envy you your idyllic family life.

Z said...

Oh Friko, I'm so sorry to hear that. I hope things will change one day, my dear xx

Thanks for the good wishes, I'll let you know when the baby is born.

Anonymous said...

Ach ... if I'd bite my nails, I'd certainly do now.