Friday 15 July 2011


Just hurrying past, darlings, on my way to bed.  I've been chatting with Weeza all evening and now, having been awake since 4 am, I'm tired.

I've made a lot of cake.  None with fresh cream in, however, so they will not tempt Christopher.  They tempted the Sage and Zerlina though and there were not quite so many by the end of the evening.  Zerlina was very good and happy all day, finished her day with a good bounce on the bed and a ride on the rocking horse and went to bed.  I read her two books and left her with Barry, her bear, her giraffe and Spot the Dog, a soft toy that had belonged to Ro.  We decided he was excited at the prospect of cuddling a child again after all these years.  I'm afraid that I do tend to give personalities to cuddly toy animals.  I don't think I'm particularly twee in other respects, but they are not entirely inanimate as far as I'm concerned.


Four Dinners said...

Jacqui's 'Wabbit' is missing her enormously during her 6 weeks in Madagascar - saving the planet or whatever it is she's doing with some mad Professor.

I'm cuddling him in her absense. (the Wabbit that is not the mad Professor...he's in Madagascar too)

As I explained to Caz..."He's missing her"

There are men in white coats worries...the door is locked...;-)

It's alright for you! Men aren't allowed such indulgencies!

Indulge away babe

4D xx

Marion said...

'night, Z. Hope you get an entire night of sleep and that it doesn't rain on your festival.

Dave said...

You are extremely twee.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who gives personalities to cuddly toys x

Christopher said...

Oh! The agony! There doesn't HAVE to be cream - any cake richly satisfies except (as you may have read recently in another place) seed cake, walnut cake, Battenberg and cattle cake.

Z said...

Don't hold back, Dave, tell me what you think of me.

It is raining, the fete is off but the cake stall and craft exhibition are going ahead in the church. The beer festival is in the village hall and it's supposed to clear up later, so there will still be a hog roast.

Chocolate cake, coffee cake and butterfly buns filled with buttercream and strawberry jam or lemon curd and strawberry jam, Chris. And cheese scones. No cattle cake, I think I can guarantee.

savannah said...

xoxoxo just because, sugar!

Christopher said...

Oh! Could you save me a butterfly bun filled with buttercream and strawberry jam, please?

*expects they've all gone. Drools to no purpose*

Z said...

And you, Savannah dearest xxx

I saved you two, Christopher. When will you collect them?