Thursday 21 July 2011

Z is locked out

I arrived home at 10 o'clock, having been out for dinner. I knew that the Sage was going out this evening for a couple of business appointments, but the second of those was at 7, half an hour away, and I didn't think I needed to take a key with me.

So here I sit in the car. The lights are off next door so I can't go there for a key, and I shall have to wait. I could phone the Sage, but that seems a bit naggy.

Fortunately, I have my phone and several newly-downloaded levels of iAssociate. So my time will not be entirely wasted.


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Unknown said...

That's brilliant Z. I didn't know you could publish a blog from a 'phone. Communication is incredible these days. By the way, thanks for a good 'neck and neck scrabble.
Hope you soon get in, Mike.

Tim said...

allotmentqueen said...

Ha! So how many times do I ask my teenagers why they can't get in - because after all they've got a key....oh because they couldn't be bothered to take it with them!

See, in the olden days, there'd be a spare key under that plant pot by the door.

Four Dinners said...

You could always come and stay here Dinners...


I was once locked out and got arrested (briefly) for trying to break into my own house. Still. What can you expect if I'm involved eh?...;-)

Z said...

I'm in now - yes, if you look in the settings under email and mobile, you can set it up - very easy to do.
Yes, I enjoy a close match, still too close to call I think.

Al did that last year, Tim, except that he didn't find his key until he'd gone ahead and installed the new lock.

I normally do have a key with me, but I'm using a capacious handbag these days, big enough for my iPad, so I changed it to go out to dinner. I was short of time because some people called round, so I only put the necessities in there and didn't think of keys.

4D, if the Sage hadn't got back by 10.30, I'd have turned up on your doorstep. I was once accused of being a squatter by a PC in my own house, some 35 years ago.

allotmentqueen said...

"... I only put the necessities in there and didn't think of keys..."

Since when did keys become not necessities?

Come to think of it, what are necessities in the Z world?

Z said...

In this case, wallet, cheque book, pen and iPhone. And a clean hanky. I didn't expect to need keys so I didn't think of them.

PixieMum said...

Ian put some tiny bells on my key ring so I could find keys in my capacious Radley handbag. (Bag will take iPad too).

However, the bells are so annoying when I'm driving so I have separated the house keys from the car keys. This morning I took the car keys to walk down to collect the newspaper so had to ring door bell and disturb Ian's studies.

Perhaps we need to contrast and compare what we all carry, be it in handbags or waist coats.

Z said...

I've had to switch to a large bag for my iPad too. But it has compartments so I am putting my keys in one of them - the same one each time, that is.

I was always startled by the weight of my mother's handbag, she was a slip of a thing but took half a ton of stuff with her, including a full Monty of make-up, although she was far too polite ever to apply it in public, so i can't imagine why she carried it.

badgerdaddy said...

We had a customer at the weekend who bought one of these for her iPad. I hadn't thought of it for such a use.

See? I'm visiting more regularly so the world runs more smoothly.