Saturday 16 July 2011

Dynamic cyclists

Zerlina was very pleased to see her Uncle Roro and persuaded him to take her upstairs to play on the rocking horse, then to fetch her glass of water and to read her some books.

Weeza is getting regular updates on progress from Phil, who is cycling through Essex at present. She is able to track his whereabouts on her phone, don't know how that works, and he texts her every hour or so. Once he gets to Dunwich, after a ride of 200km, about 100 miles, he will then have to cycle here which must be another thirty, and that after a sleepless and energetic night. All seems quite remarkable to me.

It did rain, the beer festival carried on in the village hall, the craft exhibition, teas and cake stall were in the church but the rest was cancelled. Or quite possibly postponed, we will look at the possibility of holding it in September instead. We have a meeting on Wednesday.

I'm really flagging and will be very glad when the month is over and I will be able to relax a bit. If I could sleep more it would be a help - actually, I did sleep better last night, probably because it was cooler, but only for five or six hours overall. But too much has happened, good and bad, in the last month and I could do with just one thing to concentrate on, not a whole range.

This week, however, we will be putting together the catalogue for the next sale. And I shall be busy at school, as it's the last week of term. There's a tea and award ceremony, music lessons, a cricket match and two mornings of interviews, and also the final details of academy conversion. Roll on August.


Unknown said...

You say you'll be glad when this month is over. I should think you'll be glad when this week is safely out of the way. But it seems to be one of the rules of life that everything happens at once.

Z said...

Well, once the first week of August is over it should be better. This week is busy but I'll enjoy a lot of it. Aaron's funeral is on Friday, however, and the son of friends died in a farm accident yesterday. Writing an upbeat blog has never been harder.

Unknown said...

That's terrible, Z. What a rotten time you're having lately. Don't worry too much about the blog. You'll be in our thoughts and prayers.